Can your graphic T-shirt be a stylish garment?

Can your graphic T-shirt be a stylish garment?

Nowadays we can see various graphic t-shirts – in modern designers’ runways, in the wardrobes of fashion lovers, in the street style stars and even on black-tie parties. So why is this trend so popular now? Why does almost every fashionista have this garment in her wardrobe? Let’s see.

Popularity of the piece

For one reason, all the t-shirts are very universal. You can wear them from day to night; they can be acceptable almost in every event or situation. They work with all the shapes and sizes. The other reason is that most of tees are affordable for different people. Certainly you can buy a very expensive designer graphic t-shirt, for example a Lanvin graphic t-shirt that costs $2,500 but also you can go to the store and take a wonderful not expensive tee with an interesting slogan on it. And it won’t cost you much. If you are planning to wear tees for a working day, or if you want to add a little pop to the office skirt or even evening one there are some tips and tricks how to wear the graphic tees to look stylish and fashionable.

a graphic tee with a skirt

Stylish ways of wearing tees

  • Combine graphic tees and ripped boyfriend jeans to wear them on your weekend. A stylish graphic t-shirt can be paired with boyfriend jeans and this will be a wonderful and trendy outfit. Add some cool sneakers or flats if your day will be busy and difficult. If you go out for a casual night with your friends you can pair your graphic t-shirt with wonderful high heels and accessorize your outfit with a stylish clutch.
  • If you want to make a nice work outfit you can pair an amazing graphic tee and a stylish pantsuit. Certainly you combine your office suit with a button-down shirt every day, but to make your look youthful and fresh try to add a graphic t-shirt to your pantsuit. It will be very creative.
  • Combine your graphic t-shirt and a little black skirt to make a chic dinner outfit. Look for a black and white slogans tee in order to pair it with a little black skirt. It will be a wonderful outfit to dress up out for dinner. You can wear this combination from morning till night and at any time it will look perfectly.
  • Pair your graphic tee and a circle skirt for a date night. You can wear your favorite graphic t-shirt even on date night. Combine it with a midi circle skirt, add a statement necklace and a pair of gorgeous high heels and you will look wonderful for a date night.
  • Combine a graphic t-shirt and a maxi skirt to make a creative outfit for a black tie party. It’s a cool idea to pair a floor length skirt and a graphic t-shirt for a black tie party. But you should know the dress code and if the creative one is possible, this combination is something incredibly modern. You have to be sure that your tee is fitted and it’s in neutral colours. To make your look stylish wear the tee tucked in.

As you see, t-shirts can be paired not only with denim. It’s very fashionable and modern piece. Just look for different models, length and shades. Don’t forget about the accessories and you’ll look wonderful in any situation.

a graphic t-shirt with a long skirt