Capri pants in spring 2014

This season cropped pants or capris have come back in different lengths, shapes, colours and forms. They are especially suitable for petite women.

Cropped pants from the Spring 2014 runways

Many designers presented different versions of capri pants on their spring 2014 runways. Jil Sander made slim silhouette down to the ankle. He paired the cropped pants with oxford heels to make the look more chick. Proenza widens the pantleg and now the crop pants having been made of wool and suede can be worn with jacket or coats when the weather is cold. Alexander Wang’s capris everybody can even call a long pair of shorts because of their length up to the knee. He offers the women combine them with a pair of sneakers or even high heels.

cropped pants spring 2014

How to find the best and the most suitable pair of cropped short pants for you?

  • Try to choose the ones that hit the slim part of your leg. In other case your legs may look shorter than they are. As for the petite women the best capri pants are a little below the knee.
  • This season you should wear slim cropped pants with a leg opening just a bit to make your figure slimmer and if you are a petite to elongate your look a little. And if you are very tall, you certainly can wear the pants of different width.
  • Nude capris are very stylish, they will make you look taller and your legs longer. Choose cropped pants from light to dark beige or even brown, depending on the colour of the skin. The darker skin – the darker shade. But avoid very dark colours because they can make your legs shorter.
  • If you don’t want to add volume to your hips look for the pocket-free crop pants, because all the pockets create unnecessary extra curves and if you are not very slim try not to buy such pairs of trousers. Also don’t wear capri pants with pleats because they also can create extra width, that is not trendy in Spring 2014.
  • This season the cuffs re not fashionable. They make you shorter creating horizontal lines where they don’t have to be. Especially it applies to denim short pants or jeans, because the inside of the denim fabric is much lighter and the cuffs will make a large contrast for your look.
  • This year crop tops are very fashionable, so you can combine them with cropped pants. If you have curvy hips pay attention on the shades of the clothes, the top has to be lighter than the pants. You can also pair slim capri pants with a tunic and this outfit will make you a little taller and elongate your legs. If you wear the tunic you can also add the blazer but if your top is short, don’t do it, because the blazer can cut the proportions of your body in half and you will look shorter than you are.
  • Cropped pants open your legs and certainly you can wear incredible trendy shoes. The best idea is amazing heels, of course. They will make your look more stylish and trendy adding some inches to your look.
  • Don’t forget about the accessories. They can make your look fresh and vivid.

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