Converse sneakers are fashion trend in spring 2014

Converse sneakers are fashion trend in spring 2014

If you are young, trendy and full of energy you certainly wear Converse sneakers, because this trend is expanding day by day, especially it is popular this spring. They add casual and cool elements to any outfits. And we want to inspire you for creating your own outstanding fashion look mixing it with your favorite comfortable pair of Converse sneakers.

Certainly the best thing as for the sneakers is their universality. They come in so many different colours and prints that can raise your mood. If you’re young you can combine them with almost everything: tops, pants, jeans, skirts, shorts and even dresses and your look will be perfect. But you have to consider with the colour and the print of the Converse sneakers to style them well.

The variants of wearing different sneakers to be stylish

  •  If you have a fashionable pair of sneakers in metallic tones you can accessorize them with a fancy and fur bag.
  •  If you want to wear floral patterns printed pair of sneakers you can style them with a bright t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans. To attach a trendy finish zest you can wear a little cross-over bag and a cardigan.
  • You can wear Converse sneakers with jeans, shorts or skirts and just play with the laces. For casual look don’t tie two last lace holes.

If you want to try something more provocative but be trendy at the same time you can wear leather pants, a wonderful shirt and a leather jacket combining your look with leather sneakers. Add the right bag and hat and your look will trendy and fashionable.

lilac Conver Sneakers

Of course, many people may say that Converse sneakers look best only with denim but we propose toy to add some accessorizes to your look. Try to add a trendy finish zest putting on fashionable coat of bright red colour.

You can see that there are so many ways to look stylish wearing your comfortable and casual pair of Converse sneakers. Don’t forget about the shades, black , white, blue and navy sneakers are distinguished because of their versatility!

Trendy prints

Converse like any other fashion company has many new trendy creations. This spring they have designed the Simpsons Spring 2014. There are two different designs. The first is a pure yellow with the whole Simpson family all over the shoe. And another one is black with yellow, white and red graphics of the show’s characters.

the simpson yellow Converses

Another creation of Converse footwear collection is Jack Purcell Spring 2014. They can be different colours and are made with various materials like canvas or leather. But all of them have the same detail – “smile” on the chest.