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Denim skirts in spring 2014

People say that it’s impossible to introduce something new into a trend which has been popular for some time and to make it fashionable and stylish when it resurfaces some decades later. But that’s not so. Just remember different trends of this season – beautiful babydoll dresses with flowery motifs, crop tops or different Birkenstock. They are popular again now. So everything returns but combining in a different way with trendy accessories. The main topic of this article is a another trend of this season – denim skirt.

On-trend piece of the wardrobe

Have you got any of the denim shirts in your wardrobe? It has been popular for many years. People love denim because it’s very universal and comfortable. But what about this spring trends? Do you wear this garment? Is it on top again? Let’s give a denim skirt the second chance.  We have to say that this spring denim skirts are also very fashionable and trendy. But you have to be careful and combine your outfit correctly not to look out-of-date.

Fashionable ensembles with denim skirts in spring 2014

  • A light knee-length denim skirt with a shirttail hem is a wonderful choice. It can be combined with a pair of wonderful short boots and a knitted sweater.
  • If you want to look girlish and sexy you have to look for a flattering circle denim skirt. Choose the garment a little above your waist and your legs will seem longer. Combine it with floral or tender top to make your look pretty and more feminine.
  • The skirts are very universal. You can buy a printed-denim skirt and pair it with a cool sweatshirt to make the ensemble trendy and not boring.
  • As we have said the denim skirt is inherent very sexy. Look for a splintered denim skirt, combine it with a graphic top and high heels to achieve such effect.
  • The trendiest thing of this season is the head-to-toe denim outfit. Try to wear crop tops and full midi skirts to make your look fresh and stylish.
  • If you want to look marvelous and stylish going to the office put on an oversized sweater and a curve-hugging pencil denim skirt. Pair your look with grey loafers.
  • You can pair a dark pencil skirt with a beautiful chic jacket and a soft scarf. You outfit will look like a million dollars.
  • And certainly there is the most widespread ensemble which is very popular nowadays. You can wear a light denim skirt with a colourful graphic tee and stylish sneakers. This look we can see in the streets of our cities and it’s very trendy now.

different denim skirts


Choosing a denim skirt follow our tips and you will look fashionable and stylish wherever you are. Don’t forget about the accessories.