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Fashion trends for kids by Gary Osborne

Every day brings us much experience. And nowadays the children want to be fashionable and elegant like their parents. So there is a great choice of different outfits for stylish children. As always Hollywood has a great influence on fashion trends, especially celebrities and their famous kids. Gary Osborne, a famous expert on child style and founder of Oliver and Adelaile has told about the top children fashion trends for spring and summer 2014.

Top children fashion trends

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  • Hipsters, punks and youngsters. For many years many fashion lovers have seen Gwen Stefani and her kids, Kingston and Zuma Rossdale, who like the rocker style very much. Lots of children have begun to choose clothes according to this style. In 2014 there is a transformation of this trend – it will be the Hipster with the elements of Punk. As all the rock musicians began to wear the pieces of this style more and more the clothes for kids and certainly their parents will also fit this trend soon.
  • Different costumes not for the masquerade but for everyday events.This year we can see many children wearing the costumes in everyday life. There is a Batman and a Spiderman on the playground, a Fairy and a Princess in the shop. This is a good tendency to channel the imagination and the creativity of the whole family. Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s children began to wear pieces of this trend. Different brands propose such pieces for the whole family “Let’s play pretend”.
  • Hippy stylishness.The clothes of this style are very comfortable and breezy. The great example of this trend wearing is Nahla Aubry, the hippy-chic kid of Halle Berry. The style is very gentle, it’s featured with floral motifs, light and casual fabrics. Certainly it will be very popular among boys and girls who live near the beach.

Comfy clothes are on-trend

  • Kids have to be kids in any situation. Children like to play very much but sometimes the parents forget about it. So this year some brands offer very comfortable easy-to-wear clothes for children. They‘ve got a carefree spirit. And we know the celebrities who start this trend – it’s the famous family Garner-Affleck and their kids. Their clothes are always very comfy and the kids can run and play in the playground at any moment. Gary Osborne thinks that the comfort and the materials are the best thing in children’s clothes.
  • Handmade clothes. In spring 2014 the custom handmade pieces of clothes are very popular. They are one-of-a-kind and nobody can wear the same garment. Kourtney Kardashian and her kids like this trend most of all. It is such a pleasure to know not only the materials of your clothes but also the makers of them.

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Spring and summer 2014 will be a good time for kids fashion. New styles appear and various brands support these tendencies. When choosing the outfits for your beloved children remember about the comfort and the shades. Avoid dark and dull colours, this season will be bright and happy.