floral prints

Floral prints in spring 2014

Every year in spring everything awakens and the women also want to be fresh and stylish. The season 2014 is featured with different graphic patterns. Bringing a modern touch to the spring outfits they can be met in reconstructed forms or in various colours. Certainly, you know that the floral prints which are this trendiest this season make your look feminine and gorgeous but at the same time tender and elegant. In the combination with other eye-catching prints this trend makes a wonderful unity.

The main types of flowery prints for this season.

  • Delicate floral prints

In spring 2014 the flowery prints can be of different shades but still remaining soft and subtle. You can wear light jackets and pair them with the garments with floral prints, for example dresses or delicate tops. If the weather is still cold you can combine them with amusing knits.

  • Bright floral prints

This season if you want to be fashionable and catch people’s glances at yourself you can wear clothes in vivid and bright colours. You should combine light and vivid floral prints. Pay attention to the deep necklines and long narrow cuts.

  • Dark colours and flowery prints

Certainly when the spring comes everyone wants to wear light and vivid outfits to make the look sunnier and brighter. The spring 2014 is not exclusion. But however dark-shaded floral prints are also very trendy this season. They can add gracefulness and style to your outfit. Choose elegant long silhouettes in dark tones printed with beautiful flowers. Use little makeup and don’t forget about the accessories. Pair this look with flat sandals.

  • Clashing flowery prints

As we know, floral prints can be met more and more often and in one outfit you can find different floral prints. How to accessorize such look? To look fabulous you should wear high heels and add a little handbag to your outfit. And you will be gorgeous.

  • Flowery prints like brush touches

There are many various unique garments with flowery brush touches which have been created by famous designers especially for the spring 2014. They are very feminine and exclusive. You can choose any of them to be chic and creative.

floral prints suits

  • Suits made of fabrics with floral prints

Many designers in their runways for the spring 2014 have shown us different feminine and masculine elements. This time the most incredible tip was the suits with floral prints which radiate strength and elegance. To make your look bold wear such suits all in flowery prints. Choose loose trousers and glittery fabrics. This outfit will hit this season.

  • Slogans and flowery prints

Different phrases and floral prints can be combined in one outfit. There are many different garments created by famous designers which look very trendy and fabulous. You can be inspired by Christian Dior, Tania Taylor and Ferretti’s fashion shows. They are full of flowery prints and fancy works.

Tips and tricks

This spring the women want to look stylish and feminine. Follow our tips, add colour and flowers to your look and this season will bring you a lot of happy and wonderful moments. Remember about the cuts and silhouettes and don’t forget about the accessories and you will look trendy and elegant.