trendy lipstick spring 2014

Gorgeous lips

Make-up tendencies like any other fashion trends may change. And this season also has its differences. This spring stay away from glossy lipsticks. Look for creamy lipsticks of bright shades. Various fashion designes offer lots of wonderful make-ups for this spring. They all are bright and fresh. Any fashionista can find the make-up accessories she prefers and the colours she likes.

Trendy lipstics by fashion designers

Michael Kors proposes a wonderful berry shades in his collection of the lip lacquers. This colour will help the women to perk up any makeup. The trendiest thing of spring 2014 is bright orange lipstick. Almost all the designers showed it on their runways. We have seen it at Donna Karan, Christian Siriano, Nanette Lepore, DKNY and Rag & Bone. The makeup artist Gucci Westman gave an advice to combine bright orange lips with nude, creamy and pastel outfits.

 Spring trends

Some tips how to create a trendy perfect pout

  • Make your lips look young and fresh. To create a wonderful makeup you should exfoliate your lips very frequently. Blend salt with any oil and add this mixture to your lips. Then apply lip balm to make you lips look fresher.
  • Don’t use shimmery lipsticks this season. Troy Surratt advices to stay away from glossy and shimmery lipsticks and to go for creamy ones instead. Look for the hydrating lipsticks to male your lips look younger.
  • Use bright tones. Spring is a season of flowers and warm days. That’s why bright colours are very popular now. If you have pale lips try red lipstick with coral or cherry undertones. In case you own lips are red try lipsticks in trendy orange or pink colours. If you have rather dark lips wear red or gorgeous burgundy.
  • Lipsticks in nude tones. Nude tones are also on-trend now. But you have to consider the colour of your skin tone before choosing the right shade. If your face is pale try a nude lipstick with pink undertone. Yellow-toned or dark skin can be combined perfectly with reddish beige lipstick.
  • Don’t use lipsticks with dark and deep undertones. Avoid lipsticks which have black and blue undertones. They create fearful look and won’t help you to look trendy.
  • Don’t use lip liner. Nowadays there is no need in using any lip liner. The lipsticks don’t bleed they sit on the lips ideally. But if you want to use the lip liner use the colour which is very close to your lips shade.
  • Make soft lip edges. To make very trendy pout smirch your lip borders after applying the lipstick.
  • Begin from the center of your lips. If you want to look trendy and stylish begin applying the lipstick from the center. Don’t do to the corner it looks ridiculous.
  • Don’t apply too much lipstick. It’s a good tip for those women who want to be elegant and stylish. Try not to apply too much lipstick, you had better use it on your lower lip and after that spread a little with your fingers.
  • Make blotting. After applying the lipstick, go for blotting, and then use your lipstick again. This wonderful tip and trick will help the colour to stay on your lips for a whole day.

Follow our tips to look stylish and trendy in your gorgeous makeup. Remember about fashionable shades and you will look fabulous.

orange lipstick on-trend