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How to look stylish when you are 30

When people are only 20, they are very young and their outfit usually consists of some basic things according to their favorite style. They often wear athletic things like sweatshirts, baggy pants or trousers, sneakers. Or perhaps the young girls sometimes have just some basic tops and bottoms and like to combine them. But when you are 30 everything has changed.

The memorable events when you are 30

There are so many professional and personal events like weddings, black-tie parties, promotions and publicity campaigns that you should have all the necessary garments to look fashionable and stylish. The blouses, dresses and pants have not to be so revealing as in your 20s. Look through your wardrobe and if you haven’t got the pieces for all the events to look gorgeous you should find the essentials.

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Top things for women after 30 who want to look stylish

  • The leather jacket

When you were 20 your favorite denim jacket was in high demand, but now the real leather jacket has to replace it. You can put it over a polished dress or pair with nice trousers.

  • The sweater made of cashmere

The cashmere sweater is very soft and comfortable. It can be paired with a pencil skirt to go to the office or to dinner. All your cotton tired sweaters can be worn to go to picnic combined with jeans.

  • The stylish trench coat

Certainly you can wear your favorite anorak when it’s raining out-of-doors but the trench coat is so stylish and inherently classic. It will look smart with trendy denim.

  • Different tops

When you were 20, your tops were flirty and now you should look for tops which can emphasize all your best features.

  • The trendy pencil skirt

This is a wonderful garment. It can add some interest to your outlook. You can pair it with a classic white blouse, add some accessories and you will look very stylish.

  • The white blazer

This wonderful piece is seasonless- you can wear it over a light dress or pair it with wonderful pants or jeans. It is so trendy and elegant.

  • The tailored trousers

There are several figure types and it’s very important to have the most suitable silhouette for your body. The trousers can differ according to the body shape – you can want slim fit or wider leg.

  • The printed pants

This season the printed pants are very fashionable. These are casual trousers to go to the dinner with friends or parents. Look for simple and lean silhouettes and finish your look with wonderful accessories.

Every period of life has its wonderful features. You just have to know them and to be ready for all the events. When you are 30, you have already known your body shape and you know how to show all your assets and to hide the shortcomings. We hope that our tips will help you to look gorgeous.

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