various jewelry

How to make a versatile collection of jewelry

We know what to wear for every occasion; we’ve got plenty of clothes in our closets. And all our garments belong to different styles because certainly we want to be stylish and fashionable. You have different tops, pants and dresses. Certainly you have several bags and clutches. But what do you think about the jewelry? Do you know how to make a universal collection of accessories to finish your look?  The best way is to follow our pieces of advice. There are some essentials for your jewelry box.

An impressive necklace

Do you remember such necklace when Kate Middleton or other famous ladies wear it?  This costume jewelry can add a little statement to your outfit. You can wear it with a masculine shirt, a beautiful dress or even you can try it with a t-shirt or a light sweater to make your look interesting and cute. When you choose a big necklace buy only qualitative ones, they can be not very expensive. But remember, if you have a statement necklace you have to tone down the rest of your look.

Stackable  rings

many golden rings

If you want to be trendy small rings are just for you. You can pile them on every finger. You can buy many different tiny rings in different colours to make a chick outfit.  You can create various modifications changing the colours or sizes.


They are very little and simple. But they can add stylishness to your outfit. The stud earrings can be different forms, materials and sizes. In spring 2014 the diamond studs are very fashionable. They can be pink or white and have a bit vintage design. You can make an accent on your look just wearing these little earrings.

A tiny necklace

You can wear this jewelry everywhere you want. It suits almost every outfit. Because it is delicate and very stylish.  It should be made of various metal you just have to select it according to your style or your outfit.

A massive ring

Cocktail ring can be huge and certainly it should rivet the attention. Have you seen Tyra’s one? It’s really large. Try to look for such a massive ring in your grandma’s jewelry box. Certainly, if you don’t have one you can buy it in a jewelry shop but remember that this season cocktail ring should be with a vintage vibe.


cuffs on both wrists

It’s the trendiest accessory of Spring 2014. You can wear it with floral feminine dresses and girlish light and sheer blouses to add some warrior princess features to your outfit. To be trendy wear geometric cuffs on each wrist. As to the materials look for the metallic cuffs, they will suit any outfit and attract the attention. Also the cuffs decorated with different stones are fashionable. You just have to choose what do you like.