jumpsuits spring 2014

Jumpsuits in spring and summer 2014

Do you like jumpsuits? These garments are very comfortable and certainly never go out of fashion. In spring and summer 2014 one-piece outfits are really very popular. They have be worn and combined in an interesting and stylish way. This year we have seen many different variants of jumpsuits both on the fashion designers’ runways in London, Milan, New York, Paris and on the red carpet.

Trendy jumpsuits

There have been many jumpsuits of cute designs with various trendy prints and of bright colours. Lots of top models and celebrities create their incredible outfits wearing jumpsuits and accessorizing them. When choosing the trendy jumpsuit you have to remember that they can be of various fabrics, colours and cuts. Some of them you can dress in the evenings, some are for everyday use. For fashion lovers who know that the jumpsuits will rock spring and summer 2014 we want to give some pieces of advice.

jumpsuits for summer 2014

Tips how to make a choice among the variety of jumpsuits

  • Firstly you have to think about the situations you want to wear it to. For example if you want to buy it for an everyday use to the office you should think over the suitable blazer or a lightweight jacket. As for the material, it’s better to choose basic colours without any prints. For the weekends there is a variety of one-piece outfits of different styles, materials and shades. You can wear a gorgeous jumper made of silk for night party
  • The next tip is about the fit of the jumpsuit. Take into the account your figure type and your height. You can wear slim or oversized pants, shorts or cropped pants but look for the best suiting one-piece outfit for you.
  • This season jumpsuits with shorts are very popular. They are very feminine and look like dresses of different length and style, even ultra mini is acceptable.
  • If you want to look fantastic and to add some gloss, pair your jumpsuit with the suitable outfit. Cropped jumpsuit will be good with flats but classic long one-piece outfit will look wonderful with high heels.
  • Look for safari style with animal bright prints. Flowery motifs, paisley patterns, geometric and abstract prints will also be very trendy. Shades may be different: from basics to olive, lavender and metallic.
  • As for the material of the jumpsuits you can choose among leather, cotton and denim (in spring)and silk, satin and jersey (in summer). You can find the embroidered one-piece suits which are very beautiful and trendy.

different jumpsuits for summer 2014

In spring and summer 2014 you will see lots of different outfits having combined with jumpsuits. They are amusing and comfortable. You can choose any you like but remember our tips and you will look incredible. Don’t forget about the accessories.