girls wearing maxi skirts

Maxi skirts in spring 2014

In spring 2014 if you want to look more tender, fashionable and feminine at the same time try to make some ensembles with a maxi skirt. It’s very trendy this season. Certainly you can wear any clothes you want due to your style and other preferences but we suggest you to look for different maxi skirts to make an amazing street style. There is a variety of different styles and fabrics.

Sheer maxi skirts

Many fashion designers such as Preen, Calvin Klein and Fyodor Golan use maxi skirts in their runways for spring 2014. The trendiest thing of spring 2014 is all kind of garments made of sheer fabrics. So if you wear a sheer maxi skirt it will be very stylish. It can be worn with different funny sweatshirts with interesting logos on a cool day and with light crop tops when the weather is hot. The best thing of such garment is its universality. You can combine it with almost every top, it depends on the situation and your own preferences.

So, how to wear maxi skirts to look trendy in spring 2014?

different maxi xirts

  •  If you admire casual things and you want to stick this style try to combine the maxi skirt with a classy masculine shirt and a trendy jacket. It can be made of leather and be very casual to make the look. To add a zest you can wear heels and take a bright clutch.
  •  If you are very young and think that the maxi skirts can’t find a place in your wardrobe try to look at it from the other side. Pair a cute maxi skirt with a bright youthful comfortable sweater or maybe a sweatshirt with a pair of trendy sneakers. This look will be very fashionable and you’ll like it.
  •  If you dream about summer and want to bring it closer combine your maxi skirt with sheer blouse, or thin bright shirt and summer sandals. This look will express your dreams about summer.
  •  Do you remember about trendy crop tops? They are so fashionable bow. The best pair for them is a maxi skirt. This look will be very girlish and tender. But if you want to make it spicy choose bright colours and sheer fabrics.
  • Maxi skirts can be perfectly combined with denim. Cotton jackets and feminine maxi skirts can make a wonderful mixture. They are made of different fabrics and textures that’s why the blend has to be interesting.

Don’t forget about the accessories. It’s very important. They can help you a wonderful street style mixture. Try to wear all the combinations we have mentioned and we’re sure you‘ll choose what you prefer. Spring 2014 is featured with soft tender colours so you can take it into an account when choosing only your skirt.