Men's tailored shorts are the hottest trend in spring and summer 2014

Men’s tailored shorts are the hottest trend in spring and summer 2014

The tailored shorts are as dresses as a pair of stylish long trousers. They are the most elegant fashion trend for men in spring 2014. But certainly they have to be paired and worn correctly to make the look fashion and stylish. It’s time for you to add them to your wardrobe. There are some tips and tricks how to wear the tailored shorts and how to choose the right pair for you.

This season men’s tailored shorts an inch above the knee become popular. They can be wide-legged or slim-cut, various colours and made of different materials. This season you should wear them without any belts, that’s why they have to be perfect at the waist and follow the lines of your thighs.

Tips for choosing colours and fabrics

It depends on your own preferences and taste. You can buy shorts made of linen and cotton or even try moder tendencies like cashmere or leather. As for the colours look for basic ones: neutral and light shades, black, blue and white when the weather is warm. Also the modern tailored shorts can be cut in parsley of floral prints, geometrical or stripes pint renditions. It doesn’t matter what you will choose, the main thing is your wish, reflecting your personality and fitting the situation. Make your outfits universal and stylish.

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How to pair the tailored shorts

You can mix different pieces of clothes to make your look smarter. Here are some ways how to be stylish in spring and summer wearing the tailored shorts.

  • Try to pair a pair of black tailored shorts with a sleeveless shirt and a pair of fashion sunglasses to make your look trendy.
  • If your choice is white shorts, you can combine them with a light knit, maybe putting over a biker leather jacket when the weather is cold in spring.
  • In the case if the tone of your tailored shorts is neutral you can wear a nice sweatshirt and a pair of trendy sneakers. Or you can combine them with a printed T-shirt, putting over a basic blaser.
  • If you want to look fresh you can wear a pair of dark leather shorts, pairing them with a classic shirt and a biker leather jacket to make your look cool and masculine. Add the fashionable sunglasses and lace-up shoes. As for the colours of the leather shorts you should choose dark grey, black or brown.

To feel comfortable when wearing the tailored shorts you have to think over the footwear. It depends on the situation. If you want to look elegant look for the sandals, the moccasins or the loafers. To make your look more casual try on the boat shoes. Also this spring and summer the men’s tailored shorts can be paired with sport shoes or trainers. Everything depends on the situation.

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