Some tips how to wear designer names

All women love fashion and that’s not a secret. Everyone wants to be stylish and trendy and of course there is nothing bad in it. But sometimes we don’t want to show the labels or the designers’ names in the open spaces for everybody to see. Many people want to feel themselves in safe from other glances. Others like to catch everyone’s look on themselves.


Another sort of people behave themselves vice versa and wear only outfits displaying the names of famous fashion designers to show everybody that this garment is theirs. That’s not good at all; it’s a sort of label-touting. Please, don’t wear too many labels at the same time, there is nothing worse than it. If you want to look fashionable and trendy, you have to find the balance between these two edges not to be spoken about as overtly ostentatious. Certainly, that’s not very easy, but possible. Just follow the tips how to look stylish wearing the garments with designers labels.

a man wearing a cap with kenzo label

Tips for the fashion lovers how to wear designer names without label-touting

  •  Wear only one label at a time

It’s the best way to look fashion and trendy without being showy. You just put on one thing showing your favourite designer name and limit the other similar garments. For example you may wear the bright designer sweatshirt with the displaying label and combine it with different trendy pieces that don’t show any labels or designer names.

  • Partially hide the designer name

As an example, you can wear a dress or a sweater showing the label and then put on a trench partly concealing the designer name. This tactic fulfils several purposes: it maintains the understatement of your look and create the mystery for onlookers.

  • Wear the well-known labels in a different way

There are some recognizable labels which are always copied by different sellers. Try to find the unique item of your favorite designer. It can be other accessory or unusual colour combination or different shades. Look for something that can be recognizable but unique at the same time.

  • Pair your outfits with small accessories of famous designers

This method of wearing designer things is very good. Small accessories are well-known but they are not screaming. They can make your look stylish just adding some polish to your outfit.

  • Put on ironic designer parodies

There are so many interesting pieces which have funny non-labels on them. One of the examples can be a shopping bag with an inscription “My Chanel is at home…”

 a bag prada

Certainly you want to look trendy and to show everyone that you are a fashion lover. But don’t show it by means of the designer clothes and accessories. Remember about the balance and don’t wear too much labels not to look ridiculous.