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Stylish outfits for men

The fashion is very changeable and the men’s trends are not exclusions. They come and go but some of them can stay for a long time. Let’s discuss the stylish garments for men in spring 2014.

Spring top trends

Spring is a wonderful season. The nature wakes up and people want to change their wardrobe, to look fashionable and trendy. This spring there are several trendy tendencies in the fashion for men.

Booted up suit

If you go to the office every day wearing the classic suit certainly you seem to be blasé. But make just some changes to make your wear-to-work rig cool.Try on a pair of expensive and comfortable boots to make the line between the elegance and substance. They can be the dressier combat or Chelsea boots.

A baseball jacket

If you like different denim or motorcycle jackets put them into your closet till the next seasons. Because this time is baseball jacket is trendy. It doesn’t look like the style of high school jocks because of the cut. It’s slim as a sport coat. You can put it on a casual shirt and a tie to make your outfit sportier.

high-rise pants

A patterned shirt

This season you can pair a patterned shirt with a tie and a conservative suit. And you will look attractive and very stylish. The shirt is the garment that will attract people’s attention and the suit and the tie will make them to take your outfit seriously.

A sartorial look

This style is inspired by British T eddy boys and ’50s greasers. It is featured with two-tone loafers, leather jackets, pomade. There are different garments by fashion labels like Saint Laurent and N.Hollywood which make fashionable outfits according to this style.

The pants

It is really very comfortable to wear jeans but sometimes you have to look more presentable. And different slim-fit chinos are wonderful for such purposes. But to make your look more elegant try a tailored pair of trousers. They can be worn by themselves or with a proper suit. Make sure they are perfectly-fitting and you will look imposing in any situation.

The plaid suit

Wearing the conservative suit to the office every day can be boring. To change the situation try on a plaid suit. It can be black or grey. Certainly you should remember about the shoes, shirt and tie to balance this outfit.

Nautical-inspired style

This trend is usually timeless. Navy and dark blue sweaters remind us about the vacations and the seaside. They can be worn over a soft bright tee.

Cargo pants

They are chic gain. But this time they are a lot trimmer and the pockets are in front not by the sides. Pair cargo pants with sporty garments like down vests or short sportcoat, sneakers or casual boots.

Denim jacket

In spring this piece of your wardrobe is very trendy. It doesn’t have to be casual or even blue. This time it can be paired with a shirt, a knit tie and a pair of chinos.