Swimwear 2014. What to wear?

Now it’s time to think about the best swimwear for your shapes for summer 2014. Certainly it should reflect your style and your personality. On the runways in Fashion Weeks we have seen the most popular trends of summer 2014. This year all the fashion lovers can wear different swimwears. As usual it’s a mix of elegant one-piece styles and bright bikinis. The most important thing is the colorful palette. Summer is the season of happiness and rest. So try to look for bright and playful pieces. Many designers and fashion brands offer their collections for upcoming season. Their creations are different but all of them are very beautiful.

The OYE swimwear 2014 collection

This brand offers lots of impressive swimwear pieces. Let’s see the most popular garments of the summer collection. Elvira is a wonderful one-piece which is designed with drapings and minimalistic vibes. The colour of this garment is pure white which makes this piece very chic. Also there is a variation of Elvira with the tulle which is also very trendy. Other sensual one-pieces like Esther and Rachel can be worn by the lovers of modern design techniques. The OYE swimwear 2014 collection is created for the people who want to have fun, to enjoy their comfortable rest and at the same time create the perfect and trendy look.

OYE swimwear 2014 collection white minikini

The Hanne Bloch swimwear 2014 collection

The fresh collection is very creative and feminine. It includes not only monokinis or duos but also different beach relaxed dresses and everything you can need on the beach. The colours of the pieces are very vivid and bright. all the garments of this collection are made to catch everyone’s attention. They are adorned with fabulous shapes and patterns. The combo swimwears including bandeaus are very beautiful. The monokinis are so sassy due to the pattern solutions of huge feathers and green shades. Hanne Bloch thinks that the outfits should be unique, different and special. If you buy one of these pieces you will certainly be the star of the beach.

Hanne_Bloch swimwear 2014 collection

 The Sauvage swimwear 2014 collection

This collection is so fresh, chic and glamorous. It also reflects the hottest trends of the summer 2014. You can find the swimming suit of your dream in this fabulous collection. The Sauvage swimwear  is featured with the mix of summer mood and imagination. There are floral top and bottom duos, sassy and sexy one-pieces, body-flattering and sensual monokinis. As for the colours they are very bright: blue, red, yellow, fuchsia.

Sauvage swimwear 2014 collection

You can choose any of the impressive swimming suits among the variety of types, models, and shades according to your figure shapes and your styles. If you want to be noticeable choose bright colours and sassy models. For others the designers offer many black and white swimwear.