Shawl neck cardigan

The shawl neck cardigan is a trendy garment of spring 2014

This season the shawl neck cardigan has become really a fashion trend in modern men’s wardrobe. Now it’s more of statement piece of clothes but also it’s very fashionable. We can see a quick transition of the shawl collar from the winter wardrobe to the spring and summer one. A shawl neck is a collar which creates a curved effect along the neckline of the outfit. It can be in different sweaters, blazers and cardigans. All the runways of different designers for spring 2014 were keen of various shawl collar cardigans. The temperature in the late spring is rather warm but the evenings are still cold. And the shawl collar cardigans are the great choice – they are very comfortable, warm and on-trend. But of course there is a difference between winter and spring garments of this style. Just like in autumn the spring outfits consist of various layers. The spring shawl neck cardigan has to be lightweight enough to wear when the temperature is not very low. Look for the fine-gauge knits in neutral shades – grey, blue, green and navy. The shawl neck cardigan helps to make the modern man’s look trendier and more elegant with the help of the right styling techniques, fashionable patterns and modern cuts.

men wearing the cardigans

The ways how to wear the shawl neck cardigans

As we have mentioned the cardigans are very good for cool mornings, chilly evenings and cold nights, or maybe when the weather is very unfriendly. There are some trendy styles of the shawl neck cardigan this season. You can buy a classic cardigan with the button up the front or modern garments that are longer and can be tied at the waist.

We offer you some ways how to style your shawl neck cardigan to feel fresh and fashion

  • To make a casual look wear it over a printed T-shirt and it will be a stylish replacement of a sporty jacket.
  • For an elegant and polish look combine the cardigan with tailored trousers in basic coloures.
  • To make you feel fresh and young pair your outfit with printed loafers.
  • In summer you may pair your shawl neck cardigan with a pair of basic shorts. They can be tailored or casual.
  • Don’t forget about the stylish accessories: sunglasses, loafers and beanies.
  • Choose slim-fitted cardigans, they will make you smart and elegant.
  • If you want to mix the garments of different styles be sure that your outfit is balanced.
  • Avoid very bright colours, they are not popular this season.

Don’t be afraid of experiments. Try different styles, fittings, mixes and colours. Don’t forget about the accessories, they can make even the dull look stylish and fresh.

cardigans in the runways for spring 2014