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Tips and tricks by Rachel Zoe how to be stylish

A professional stylist Rachel Zoe has created incredible looks of such famous celebrities as Jennifer Lawrence, Ashley Olsen and many others. She has given some advice how to make a gorgeous look. If you want to change your style or to experiment with boho-chic outfit follow Rachel’s tips and tricks.

Rachel Zoe style

Tips and tricks how to be on-trend by a great stylist of celebrities Rachel Zoe

  • Adopt fashion trends to your style. Many various trends appear every season and sometimes you don’t feel very comfortable in this or that trendy piece of clothes. In this case try to avoid it or to adopt this garment to your own style. You can combine different trends: new and your favorite ones, experiment with the outfits and pieces of clothes. You can add your favorite accessories to feel better in the new trend.
  • Wear pants with the appropriate length. The cropped pants should touch the ankle. If you want to wear long pants remember that they shouldn’t be too long and to touch the ground. The best length is a little high from the floor.
  • Pair your outfits with big accessories. Sometimes the look seems dull and not interesting. You can make it fresh with the help of large accessories. For example, you can take a big handbag, long earrings, or a bright necklace to look stylish and fashionable.
  • Another trick is wearing leggings. Putting on various leggings is such a comfortable thing for young mothers. Even if you are not mum, you can look gorgeous wearing trendy leggings and pairing them with a beautiful tunic and wonderful jacket. Add some fashionable accessories and finish your like with nice boots.
  • For the travelling wear fur pieces of clothes. Rachel Zoe thinks that fur outfits look incredible and they can embellish any look. She advises to wear fur vests or coats when you go travelling if the weather is cold.It is very stylish and trendy.
  • High heels. Shoes with high heels can make any look polish and gorgeous. Many stylists advise not to wear mid-heeled boots or shoes. You have better wear flats in the daytime to look young and fresh and high heels when you go out at night. If you are a petite women put on the bright platforms.

Mixing of styles

  •  Add some masculine items to your wardrobe. Try to mix feminine and masculine styles. For example you can wear pants and a lightweight jacket accessorizing them with stylish handbags and jewelry and you will look elegant.
  • Bright make-up. This tip is for those fashion lovers who like to wear black or dark outfits. To make your look more trendy use the lipstick in a brighter tone. It will help to make nice accents in your look.

If you want to look gorgeous follow the tips and tricks of a famous stylist Rachel Zoe and enjoy your stylish and elegant look.

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