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Top of the most universal footwear

If you buy lots of footwear and there is a great collection of different shoes in your house it doesn’t mean you are a fashionista. When you look for a new pair of shoes, pay attention to the modern trendy tendencies and types of the footwear. Various situations need different shoes. If you want to look polish choose high heels, for a sporty look go for trendy sneakers.

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The top of footwear styles for fashion lovers

  • Black heels.They can be classical and versatile. You can pair them with any outfit. Black high heels can make the look of every fashionista gorgeous. You can wear them both to work or the party. This year look for the black heels with round or pointed toes.
  • Nude high heelsIf you want to elongate your leg you should buy high heels in nude tones. They can be paired with trendy pair of jeans or a stylish dress. But pay attention to the tone of your shoes. This season look for nude high heels with pink undertone not with a yellow one.
  • Ankle boots. They are very popular. Buy ankle boots in black or bold shades. They can provide you an impressive look . Shop for thin high heels instead of bold and thick ones. If you are petite try on nude tones to make your look taller.
  • Shoes for the parties. To go to the party or to the club every fashionista should have a pair of metallic high heels. They will help to make your look gorgeous.
  • High black boots. To be universal buy knee-length high boots. They should be in black tones with chunky heels for the versatility. You can wear them with skinny jeans or a beautiful dress.
  • Leather flat sandals. They are very elegant and stylish. You can team them with any garment like cropped jeans or a dress and your look will be amazing. Buy neutral shades with a simple design.
  • Sneakers. This season sneakers are on-trend. There are many collections of different designers offering this footwear. You can create casual or sporty look wearing wonderful canvas sneakers.

Types of fashion soles

  • Wooden platform shoes. Every fashionista should have the platform shoe. They can give you an attractive look during the day and the night. You can wear different shades and colours, try various prints. Look for the shoes with high thick heels or the high platforms.
  • Flats. Every fashion lovers should have several flats. They are very comfortable and they make a feminine look. You can pair them with stylish skirt. Look for the flats in two shades, they are on-trend this season.
  • Kitten Heels. Flats are a good choice for the tome when you have to stay on foot for the whole day. But if you can’t even think about shoes without heels, look for the kitten-heeled ones. They are also very comfortable and they will help you feel taller.

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