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8 silhouettes of dresses every woman should own

There are so many different fashion garments for women nowadays. They can make incredible outfits and change them every day. But sometimes all women want to look romantic and ladylike. And what can be more feminine than various dresses? Fashion is very changeable, trendy pieces come and go away, but dresses will stay for a long time in the closets of the modern women. Certainly they can be changed according to the season or the fashion tendencies, but there are several silhouettes that can help you to look perfect at any situation. Here are we want to offer you 8 main types of dresses for modern fashionista. If you have all of them you’ll be ready for all the occasions.

A beautiful sun dress

A sheath dress for work

Usually all the offices have a “dress code” for their workers. But even if your office doesn’t have it the sheath dress will be perfect for different presentations or interviews. You can pair it with a stylish blazer and high heels.

A maxi dress

This type of dress is very feminine. It is a wonderful alternative to jeans. You can wear it while travelling because it’s very comfortable. Maxi dresses work all year, they can be paired with different layers. Certainly it’s a must-have in the wardrobe of any woman.

A day dress

We often wear our basic pieces like jeans and t-shirts at a daytime. But sometimes we should wear something other. One of the wonderful alternatives is a day dress. You can put it on for a lunch with your friends or for a walk around the city. And wearing this dress you will feel more polished than in your favourite jeans.

A sweater dress

The temperature constantly changes and when it gets cooler the best choice for fashion lovers is a sweater dress. It can be combined with beautiful tights and boots in fall and winter. Also it can be layered up and down.

A formal dress

All women should have an appropriate dress for different occasions like weddings, formal dinners and other special events. A formal dress should be of full length and have prints which can flatter your complexion. Add statement accessories and you will look perfect.

A lightweight sundress

If you don’t have such a wonderful dress in your closet you really can’t feel the spirit if spring and summer. Look for one that flatters your best assets. Pair your lightweight sundress with heels or flats to make your look finished.

A cocktail dress

Certainly cocktail parties are a kind of formal occasions but for these special events you need other kind of dress. Look for a pretty cocktail dress that you can wear to any party. Choose the one with different details and combine it with high heels. Add stylish accessories to your look.

A little black dress

Every woman should have her little black dress. You can wear it to any special event paired the dress with beautiful accessories.

 Cocktail dresses