Woman wearing a leather pencil skirt

Attires with pencil skirts

It seems that a pencil skirt can offer an endless number of different sets for all the occasions. Well, it’s true. Belonging of the look to a certain style is verified by the entire set of clothes and accessories. Depending on the color pencil skirt may also look more or less formal. Fabrics is to be chosen according to the season. Pencil skirt (and more than one!) should be present in the wardrobe of every woman.

Here are some useful tips how to create complete looks with the help of tight knee-length skirt fast and easily.

Business and casual attires

It’s rather easy to create business style image with a help of a pencil skirt. In fact, this is alive classics – such skirts in the office. They look modest, yet feminine. Knee-length tweed pencil skirt matched with an elbow-length blouse is a good set for everyday work. In case of important business meetings skirt can be combined with a jacket of the same color and more formal shirt. Avoid wedges or extremely high heels as those are good for clubbing and not for work.

Woman wearing a pink pencil skirt

Casual style doesn’t demand anything from the pencil skirt except for blending with other clothes well. Denim is an awesome fabric for casual skirt, it is truly comfortable and looks relaxing. Such attires are great for shopping, walks around the city, park walks… oh well, for anything. Casual pencil skirt should not be too tight. It is to be matched with flats or even sport style moccasins.

Evening attires

Leather pencil skirt is one of the most sexy items in woman’s wardrobe ever. It will look natural at the disco or party in the club. The length of such skirt has to be comfortable both for dancing and sitting. Showing beautiful long legs is duty of any women, it’s just has to be sexy, not vulgar. For romantic date it’s better to choose pencil skirt with lace embellishment on it or have one on the top. Now, this is the occasion for stilettos! All other accessories have to match with shoes, but the lace should catch the eye the most.

A bit vintage look can also be good for evening with a romantic atmosphere. For such sets pencil skirt is combined with high heels and cardigans. Sometimes adding such accessories as watches and strict-looking glasses is appropriate. It will look rather playful and provocative, won’t it? Wedges aren’t too much of an evening shoes, so heels will do better. Here it’s also important to be careful with other accessories and jewelry, as excessiveness can ruin the elegance and style completely within just one second.