Clutches are popular in 2014

Clutches are popular in 2014

Clutches are incredibly popular in 2014, just as they were before. Now women don’t have to use them only as evening accessory, but clutches are also suitable for casual everyday style. Small purses are made of various materials and take the most unusual forms. There are no particular rules how to use clutches. In fact, they may be combined with almost any kind of clothes, except for, maybe, sport style sets, that demand more practical accessories. The general problem with matching clutches with active or sportive time-spending is that they always need to be hold by hand. So, rucksack is definitely a better point for picnics and such.

Clutches were designed to carry only the most important things; they can’t replace bags that women use for work and leisure. It’s definitely a strange look when the clutch is followed by a folder with papers, a bottle of water and other “absolutely necessary” stuff. Sometimes it’s better to find elegant yet capacious purse than to get the tiny clutch packed like a shopper.

The variety of clutches in 2014

Every new year and every new season bring new creations in the field of accessories. Clutches give a room for fantasy to designers, which they won’t fail to get advantage of. In addition, all the buyers are to choose from the bunch of the most variable suggestions.

A Popular clutch

Clutches can be carried by hand, but also they may have detachable handles. Therefore, it’s a choice depending on occasion and personal taste. Sometimes it is obviously comfortable to wear a clutch with a long handle over the shoulder. This may be good for casual style, but it also is appropriate for evening occasion, in case if the clutch and handle are elegant enough. Purses can also have detachable small laces to carry them around the wrist.

Materials for clutches

There are some rules (not so strict ones though) for choosing the material of the clutch to complement the style right. In 2014 leather and varnished clutches are very popular. Fringe also is present on the runways both in accessories and in shoes. Clutches decorated with lace or cobweb look very romantic and create a seductive look when matched with designed the same way heels or wedges.

Clutches take the most unusual forms since the materials used for them differ. There are small purses in the shape of hearts, footballs, books, flowers and so on. They also may represent some animalistic features or even take the shape of some animals. Such accessories look too playful for formal attires, but make a good choice for parties or casual leisure activities.