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Crocs for little boys for summer 2014

Crocs are very popular among fashion lovers all over the world. They are famous because of their funny look and comfortable breathable models which can satisfy various tastes. Crocs are the most-preferred brand of footwear for children. Parents from different countries choose these shoes for their stylish sons and daughters. Let’s speak about trendy bestselling crocs styles for little boys for summer 2014.

Children are wearing sneakers

Funny Crocband Clogs

These shoes are very cool. The boys prefer them to other footwear because if their traditional shape and wonderful feel. Comfortable Crocband Clogs is a good choice if you want to go to the beach .

Classic model of Clogs

This season classic clogs have appeared in various bright colours. This shoe style is very comfortable for children and it’s very important for the kids to feel comfort during their outdoor games. So certainly the clogs style is one of the favourite among different children.

Cool Crocband Lego Clogs

Of course all the boys are fond of Lego blocks. And for sure they will like these clogs. They are designed in wonderful chic colours, they include the lego blocks and they are very comfortable. The boys will look trendy and chic wearing this kind of Crocs.

Chameleon Clog

These clogs can change their colours when they appear under the sun. Yellow ones become green, white clogs turn into pink while light green shoes suddenly come out navy. All kids love magic tricks for sure. So these pairs can be beloved.

Batman Glow in the Dark Crocs

The boys like superheroes and these clogs will make them feel like their favourite characters. They sparkle in the dark and their design is so cute.

Dawson Easy-On Sneakers

These shoes are perfect for a school wear. It is not difficult for children to put them on because of their hook and loop closure. Dawson Easy-On Sneakers have a washable suede upper.

Retro Molded Crocs

They remind the running shoes from 80s. These wonderful sneakers are very comfortable and colourful. Also they are very lightweight and will be good for children who like to walk or to run a lot.

Micah II Sandals

If your kids are active these sandals will be perfect for their games and various adventures. Micah II Sandal can be very good for children’s activities from hiking to biking. They have durable stretchy Neoprene upper which assures comfort for little feet and a tiny rivet that can help to put on and off the sandals without any difficulties.

Creative crocs

These crocs are the most popular among little fashionistas. Because all of them like watching cartoons and these clogs are with the cartoon heroes. They are also very comfortable and for sure they will be the best for your child.

Crocs shoes for boys

Clogs are wonderful shoes for children. Certainly they don’t look very elegant but they are very comfortable and bright. Your kids can wear them for all their funny adventures and not to worry about the damage. The clogs can be washed without any efforts and children like these kinds of shoes very much. Look for best clogs having read this classification of trendy ones.

 Clogs with the sign 'batman'