Men in pullovers

Fashion trends for men in 2014

2014 brought some amusing tendencies to the male fashion, that are going to create absolutely new image of modern dandy. Business and casual attires blended and changed, sport style is becoming an everyday life model and personal sense of fashion can be easily represented through the almost contrast accessories.

Can you even believe that floral print is a trend in fashion for men this year? Flowers are to be printed, drawn and embroidered. And this is true not only for shirts or trousers, but for T-shirts, accessories and footwear too. For example, Prada presented florals both in male and female collections. They looked somewhat wild and more like huge and bright flowers from the jungle. Gucci made some different accents, yet, also established flowers blossom as a trend for the fashionable men.

Classy stays classy

2014 brought back the style of 50s. And again, Prada proved being the first and the best when it comes to retro sets, wearable in 21st century. Nevertheless, many brands suggested brining 50s back. They were Bottega Veneta, Brioni, Cristophe Lemaire and some others. Men are free to choose how to blend their retro summer jackets and pleated trousers.

Men in shirts

Suits offered for spring and summer 2014 appeared to be more loose and relaxed than before. Wide and flowing linen and cotton clothes is perfect for the hot times and goes well both for casual and business attires. In some cases wool fabric was also used and still looked like summertime. Zegna and Emporio Armani know for the elegant men suits went for flowing slouchy lines. Such suits give a cooling feeling of freedom.

Casual sport

Technical fabrics are now good for everyday style, they stopped being the prerogative of the professional sportsmen. Sport brands known for using summer thermo clothes are presenting their collections in the skateboarding and surfing style. This is rather usual for summer. However, those who want to go for something more “serious”, can find themselves looks from Issey Miyake. Despite for being the one to mix sport and casual styles previously, this time the brand presented more luxurious summer collection.

As for accessories, huge soft bags are in vogue. Well… just the leather clutches are. Clutches for men? Yes, the previous season designers offered men to carry modest and luxurious at the same time folder-like bags for the electronic devices. This time men can even carry smaller minimalistic clutches. Jil Sander and Burberry were noticed to mark this trend on the catwalks.