Fashionable bags 2014

Fashionable bags 2014

Ideal fashionable bags must be practical, beautiful and elegant. They must be capacious and have hard frame as well. Each girl must have three necessary bags. These are: the rectangular or square everyday bag with a pair of short handles, suitable for a portative laptop and any businesslike papers, the shoulder – bag with spare handles and the evening bag like a clutch.

Trends of the season

The trendiest models of bags this season are the reticule, the briefcase and the clutch:

  • The reticule is an ideal bag for everyday life. As a rule, such bag has a solid frame and a pair of short handles. It can be of small and larger sizes and different forms. Very popular ones are trapeze and rectangular forms. The reticule is the best bag for business women and those who are fond of big unformed bags. But in comparison with them the reticules are stylish and respectable.
  • The briefcase bags are preferable bags of business ladies. Such bags are strict and quite unemotional. This season designers pay attention to them. They create many interesting models of briefcase with bright color and original décor. Women must be always women even at work.
  • Clutches are irreplaceable famous bags. They can be wonderful addition to any woman’s evening dress. Usually clutches are not big bags not more than a palm. They have no any handles. Sometimes they can be of different forms and unusual forms are very fashionable. This season clutches are very various and made of different materials.
  • The excellent sort of the clutches is the bag – cover. These bags have large size and ideally suitable for documents, files, gadgets and papers. They have no handles but sometimes they can have long handles.

Design ideas

This season designers prefer to emphasize the décor of the bags not to mention the form of the bags. The simpler bag is, the more complicated décor is – the main motto of this season. Leather bags are very popular especially crocodile and python leather.

Small leather bags

Handmade décor is in great request: elements of knitting and embroidery, beads and bugles. You will be very good-looking with such bag.

Fur bag decoration is still trendy. Fur is very bright: pink, red, violet and blue.

Print decorations are very common of use and there are big varieties of fantasy for designers and they use them very successfully. So a lot of very fashionable bags have interesting prints.

This season presents many stylish bags for all ages and different occupation.