Lace outfits in spring 2014

Spring is a wonderful season. So many different events can be celebrated in these three months: various romantic meetings, Easter, stylish weddings and other holidays. And usually the fashionistas bother their heads about their outfits for these events. Lace can be a perfect choice.

Lace outfits

Is lace trendy now?

Though some people think that lace is old-fashionable, it’s not so. Lace is on-trend now and we want you to think about lace pieces in your wardrobe. Try a lace look that has no pristine reputation and add some contemporary elements to your look. You can pair delicate clothes with tribal prints, leather garments and other pieces of bright colours. The main rule of this season is to combine different textures and colours.

Several tips how to wear lace in spring and summer 2014

Pair it with big accessories. Make an unexpected step combining delicate lace outfits with big statement accessories. A famous blogger Aimee Song has made a stylish combination of her elegant lace top and a statement necklace and a beautiful clutch in vivid shades.

Look for off-the-shoulder tops. All we know that lace is such a demure fabric, but if lace tops are off-the-shoulder cut, they look very cute and stylish. You can pair it with a flare skirt or even with shorts to make your look playful.

Choose a lace crop top for going to spring parties. Crop tops are very popular this spring. Sure,they are a bit casual but when they are made of lace they look gorgeous. Pair such top with a high-waist trousers or a skirt, add stylish accessories and you will look very elegant.

Try wearing the monochromic dress of bright and vivid shades. Spring is a very beautiful season. The nature awakes and all the fashionistas wear bright dresses. Try putting on monochromic lace dresses of different vivid colours.

Combine pastel lace clothes with flowery motifs. If you want to look feminine try combining lace garments with florals. It’s so amazing. A famous blogger Emily Schuman has paired a wonderful floral top with a pastel pencil skirt.

Pair a dress with tribal prints with a feminine lace jacket. Make a gorgeous outfit pairing a tribal print dress with a delicate lace jacket. It will look unexpected and stylish at the same time.

Lace and polka dots is a good combination. The Burberry always offers new and fresh outfits. This time on the runways we have seen a feminine look combined with blouse printed in polka dots and an elegant lace skirt with a high waist. The palette of the whole look is black and white. Wearing such an outfit you will certainly catch the eyes on the party.

Lace print. You can wear a piece of clothes with a lace print instead of lace fabric. Such optical illusion can make your look fresh and feminine at the same time.

Wear midi dress and a beautiful lace overlay. Such dresses or skirts are on-trend in spring and summer 2014. Try to wear black or nude dresses and add stylish accessories to finish your look.

Lace and polka-dots