Pencil skirts of different colour

Pencil skirt – the most versatile item in your wardrobe ever

It is said that any woman should always have certain universal items in her wardrobe, like the little black dress or leather black clutch. In fact, she should have a pencil skirt of desired color – the most versatile part of the wardrobe. Tight fitting skirt is good for any style of clothes and underlines the merits of all kinds of bodies. Some may think that pencil silhouette is absolutely good only for business style. This is not true and it’s easy to prove this precipitate statement wrong.

The pros and cons of pencil skirts

There is only one demerit of pencil skirts – it’s hard to choose the color. Whether it’s a classy business grey or fashionable floral summer print – anything would look great. So there is no universal color of pencil skirt except for, evidently, black color. White skirts also look very elegant and attractive, they just have less possible combinations with the rest of the wardrobe.

The price for pencil skirts varies from reasonable 10$ to the unlimited prices for the models from the catwalks. Designer skirts distinguish themselves not only with the unique fabrics and patterns, but also with the general tailoring. As for the sizes it’s better to try it on, until the best variant is found. Sometimes with the help of the most modest embellishment pencil skirt can totally change the style the whole look.

Pencil skirts of different length

The length of the pencil skirt

It is extremely important to choose the fitting pencil skirt of the suitable length. When it comes to their height women must remember, that both very long and very short skirts only emphasize the shortness. The perfect length of a pencil skirt is somewhere closely around the knees. It may end up a bit lower or a bit higher, yet, it must not divide the legs visually in such way, that they would look shorter. If the height is medium or tall, then skirt can be of any length. Mini-skirts with pencil silhouette look very sexy and can be combined with absolutely different clothes. However, buying too short of a skirt will be a bad choice, as such item will bring some problems. Always remember that making a short skirt longer is a lot harder than shortening the long one.

Only perfectly fitting pencil skirt will look attractive and elegant. The size is measured mostly over the hips and waist. If the skirt is too tight, it will purse around the hips and thus become shorter. Elsewise, too wide silhouette can not be called “pencil skirt” at all. The skirt also has to be long enough for sitting in it – otherwise it will knock out the confidence and feeling of comfort.