Shops that can help petite and plus size women to buy clothes

Shops that can help petite and plus size women to buy clothes

It’s so wonderful to be petite. There is even a good saying – “Good things come in small packages”. But real life is not so sweet. For people who are petite and plus-size it’s sometimes very difficult to find trendy things to look fashion-forward and stylish. All the shops offer things for other types of figures. And women should go to the tailors every time they want something new to remake the garments which have been created for “average”-height women. And certainly they spend much more money and their free time to make their wardrobe fashionable.

Clothes for petite women

In this article there are the best places to go shopping to choose gorgeous outfits if you are petite and plus-size.


It can save your money and time. There are lots of wonderful dresses, skirts and tops for petite and plus-size women. When choosing outfits you can write your measurements and your height to make the piece perfect.

Simply Be

The designers here offer amazing petite’s line where the same styles are grouped into different sections. And when you want to make a choice among jeans or jumpsuits you can find them just in this group.


This source can sometimes seem to be a little conservative; there are so many wonderful styles for petite and plus-size women which will be perfect for a walk in the park or even as a formal clothes in the office. The best pieces are different jeans and pants with an inseam for petite women.


Here you can find gorgeous dresses from casual and universal to cocktail ones (for petite up to size 18), beautiful swimwear and various office suits that can satisfy all the petite fashionistas. There is a large choice of other pieces of wardrobe.

Old Navy

The designers of this brand have created a wonderful collection of clothes for petite fashion lovers . You can find various tops, jeans, skirts, pants and dresses up to a size 20. The prices here are very friendly that’s why Old Navy is very popular among women of all sizes.

Hips & Curves

They make clothes only for plus size women that’s why the designers of Hips & Curves know about such garments more than other people. Focusing on such pieces Hips & Curves offers a large variety of sleepwear, lingerie and different costume wear. So you should not worry about your comfort when going to bed.


The collection of clothes for petite and plus size women here is not very big. It contains only jeans and pants. But there are two unique petite lengths and it can help women to make the right choice in the collection.

Lane Bryant

There are also only jeans and pants in the collection for petite and plus size women. But the choice is huge. You can find here different styles of pants that will be good both for office and for rest.

We have told you about the most popular friendly-petite shops. Each of them offers lots of different clothes for all women shapes. So when you go shopping try choosing the right size to save your money and time. In this case you can avoid disappointments. To make your look perfect don’t forget about the accessories.

Petite plus size dresses