Lands' End spring 2014

Some tips how to spring the wardrobe by Donnan-Martin

Though this year we were waiting for the warm days for a long time they have really come and there is no need to hide yourself beneath the warm heavy coats. Spring has finally come up to our doors and brought warm sunny days. If you want to refresh your wardrobe or just to add several fresh elements, Lands’ End designers want to offer you some ways of how to spring the look.

Lands' End bees

New collection of Lands’ End

 The designers team of Lands’ End were inspired with the collections of famous designers from all over the world.  Spring collection is so reblooming, it was influenced by the travelling to Paris, the city of style and elegance. Michele Donnan-Martin, Executive Vice President, Chief Merchandising and Design Officer of Lands’ End, has said that the latest collection becomes a style defending for the customers. The quality, value and service of the famous brand is almost legendary. Their collections always are conservative and classic. This year Lands’ End designers has amplified the brand style element. Donnan-Martin offers her clients stop and pause, be active and add changes to the outfit even with the help of various accessories. So this season is very changeable and all the pieces in Lands’ End new collection can be transformed from working into evening or even casual.  Donnan-Martin proposes several ways how to make your pieces of clothes fresh and trendy.

Ways of adding spring mood to your wardrobe

Feminine flowers can make your look gorgeous. Donnan-Martin says that they used several thousands of beautiful flower petals when they were shooting their advertisement for this Spring campaign. If you want to be lady-like try on a Ponte dress by Lands’ End which will look perfect in warm spring days.

To add some energy look for various stripes. Stripes are always on-rend in warm seasons. This year choose garments with various contrasting stripes and try different shades and prints. Lands’ End also offers wonderful swim tee with beautiful stripes which can look perfect either on the seaside or near the swimming pool.

Combine white with white. Donnan-Martin says that the most beautiful outfit is a white shirt combining with a white denim and fabulous accessories. It is very fresh and delicate. Lands’ end offers a beautiful white pinpoint shirt which doesn’t need ironing. Adding bright accessories you will look trendy. But, please, don’t wear it after Labor Day.

Various textures will make you feel comfy. Spring sometimes has chilly days and to feel more comfortable, look for a textured sweaters. Try pastel shades like mint, lemon, lilac.

White on white Lands' End