Summer suit is a perfect piece of clothes

Summer suit is a perfect piece of clothes

Wonderful and stylish summer suit is a necessary piece of the man’s wardrobe in order to look gorgeous in spite of the high temperature.  Of course it has to reveal personal style and meet all the cases of modern formal clothes. To buy such an important piece is a very complicated task though some people think that it’s very simple.

Summer suits


You should know all the tips and tricks of how to make the best choice. The price doesn’t matter; the most important thing is fitting. Summer suit is a piece of formal men wardrobe recreated in lightweight materials  and lighter shades. Keep in mind some tips what to look at when choosing a perfect summer suit.

Useful tips

Lightweight fabric. Material is the most important thing when choosing the piece of clothes. For summer it should be very lightweight to feel comfortable when the weather is hot, but not too frail. One of the most popular suit materials is wool because it can help you to remain cool and it looks sharp. Also you can look for silk, linen or even poplin. As for the colours, chose lighter ones like pale blue, sand or gray.

Shoulder fitting. You have already chosen the fabric and the colour palette. Now you should check how the shoulders fit. it’s very important.  The shoulder line should be very straight and there shouldn’t be any lousy fit in the back or chest area.

Collar. Creases at the back of your neck are non-acceptable. Also you should avoid various collar gaps because they can make even the perfect suit  look bad. The line of the jacket neck should be the same as the line of the collar of your shirt.

Sleeves of the summer suit. To make a perfect fit of your suit you should know that the jacket’s sleeves should be as long as your hand to the wrist.

Buttons. The suits can be single-breasted or double-breasted. For summer weather single-breasted suits are more optional. So look for a lightweight suit with a single row of buttons to look perfect when the weather is hot.

The length of the jacket. The rule is general here – choose jackets which are long enough in order to hide your zipper.

Waist. Be sure that your pants look nice at your waist. It can make a perfect fit of the whole outlook. They shouldn’t be so tight – if you put your finger into the waist of your trousers you should still feel yourself comfy.

Rise, cuffs and pleats. When choosing a summer suit, try avoiding low-rise or high-rise trousers. They don’t look perfect. Look for the middle-rise pants. Cuffs are obligatory for suit pants. They can help the trousers hang properly and the suit will be perfect. Modern pants can vary. If you want to feel more comfortable wearing summer suit choose the pleat front pants.

For a perfect formal summer look choose modern lightweight suits of nice shades. Follow our tips and you will look perfect.