three boys wearing suits

Suspenders are kids fashion trend of 2014

Nowadays the trendy clothes for little children are mini versions of adults’ outfits. There are also some trends and tendencies in the kids fashion. Suspenders or braces are one of the cutest accessory trends of this season for stylish children. The boys look perfect wearing various trousers with suspenders. They look like real little gentlemen. As for the materials, the most well-known braces are made of leather or various bright fabrics. But now there are very many different variations from synthetic fiber, rayon or even tubed suiting cloth. They should hold up the trousers and can usually be worn over the kids’ shoulders. At the back of little fashionistas these accessories usually have Y or X shape.

A little girl wearing suspenders

The history of this trend

Is it a new tendency to wear suspenders? Certainly, it’s not. This accessory has a long history. Poor workers from the factories wore the braces to the work about 300 years ago. Then in 1829 the suspenders suddenly became very popular among fashion lovers all over the world owing to a famous Englishman Albert Thurston, whose company began to make traditional suspenders and to sell them to the fashionistas. Then in the nineteenth century braces were the part of men’s underwear and they hid them under the clothes like ladies hid their gather belts. But later everything has changed – the gather belts have gone away and gentlemen stopped hiding their suspenders.

A boy wearing bright suspnders and a bow tie

Trendy suspenders for children

As for the kids’ clothes the manufactures create many various elements and don’t hold to the strict formal rules. Choosing the best braces for your kids you want to follow different criteria like clips or buttons, bright and vivid colours, shapes and length. Children like bright suspenders with various prints like cartoon characters or interesting abstractions. There are lots of jeans and trousers that go together with suspenders. Children like them very much. Nowadays the braces can be worn in pair with shorts or jeans, various pants by boys and even girls who can wear suspenders also with their skirts. Underneath the suspenders children can wear stylish shirts or wonderful t-shirts of bright colours, prints and shapes. The hottest and latest tendency is to combine the braces with the bow ties. And bow tie can also be of very bright colours. Different fashion brands like H&M, Zara offer stylish suspenders in their collection for children and all of them are very cute and trendy.