The best dress for spring and summer of 2014

The best dress for spring and summer of 2014

If you are looking for a perfect gown for the spring/summer season of 2014, then you should point your attention on the flowing maxi dresses with A-line skirt. Warm time of the year is the best for long flowing dresses. What’s so good about them, you’d ask? Okay, let us see, why maxi dresses are overflowing the catwalks of spring/summer 2014.

Oh so hot

It’s absolutely impossible to wear clothes in summer. Yet, we have to, don’t we? So why not choose light flowing dress that would cool you with just the way it looks? The loose gowns give you opportunity to breath and move freely. Maxi dresses are often made from cotton and silk, so they feel and look so fresh and chilly. What is also pleasing is that flats are matching perfectly with such clothes and you can have a rest from the heels without dropping out of style.

Modern dresses for spring and summer of 2014

Spring is a time of blossom and floral patterns are always in vogue. Flowing dresses made from cobweb with floral lace or patterned little flowers are absolutely ideal for summer too. In 2014 colorful gowns, embellished with gauzy fabrics are considered to be the best sets for hottest time of the year. So, go for it and hunt for your ideal maxi dress.

A variety to choose from

There are plenty of different models of maxi dresses. They are tailored from different materials and take different shapes. We advise you to go for flowing A-line skirts in spring and summer as casual or cocktail attires. Tight gowns are more of evening sets and generally considered not appropriate for everyday spring and summer activities.

If you have beautiful bust and shoulders then you should show them by wearing a strapless model. Anyway, there are a lot of kinds of tops for maxi dresses. They can have wide shoulder straps or just a tiny chain around the neck, the waist can be high or medium… your choice will depend on your figure. If you have something to hide, then you should choose a gown with a high waist and loose skirt. To emphasize the hourglass shape of your body, you can use belts, chains or lace. Tank tops also tend to make the figurer look more miniature.

There is a prejudice that maxi dresses look good only on tall women. Well, if you are a petite mademoiselle, then you should just change more common flats to heels or wedges. There are a lot of lightweight models of shoes for spring and summer, just make sure that they don’t stand out – they better be less noticeable. And don’t forget to accentuate waist a bit higher than normally, as it would visually add length to your legs.