Long gloves

The most fashionable gloves 2014

Gloves are very popular and necessary accessories. They influence the whole woman’s image and appearance. They must be the addition to any types of clothes. All designers advise not to forget about gloves when you wear even the evening dress. This season there are many trendy models of gloves from little ones to biker-style gloves.

Long gloves suit each woman

Such gloves look very attractive and feminine and designers create them in many models: narrow long gloves, widening to the elbow and decorating different bracelets. Lanvin presents long gloves with shiny evening dress and Iceberg shows such gloves with sport trousers.

The longer gloves are the effective and attractive they look. It is without any doubt, not so practical but very stylish.

The most fashionable gloves presented designers Donna Karan and Vera Wang. Their gloves are very long till the very shoulders and made of black leather. Gucci presented the same black leather gloves beautified different decorations.

Short gloves

Some designers combined any materials and united different kinds of leather: vanished, smooth and others. Lanvin made gloves from the material he made the dress. Gucci preferred the reptile and crocodile leather.

Gloves are decorated with fir or they can be made from fir. Donna Karan and iceberg presented such gloves.

Bright long gloves are presented by many designers as well. They go together with almost every type of clothes and refresh the image totally. Designers advise to wear rings on the gloves and different bracelets.

Also it is very stylish not to pull gloves to the whole arm. It is very charming to wear them lowered a little.

Shortened gloves are very gorgeous

Shortened gloves are presented by many Fashion Houses, like Chanel, Lanvin and Gucci. There are very trendy gloves with opened fingers or only tips of fingers. They do accent on the manicure. Alexander McQueen created extravagant white gloves covering only fingers and ended with beautiful rings.

Chanel presented gloves with many types of decorations like stones and rhinestones, metal spikes and chains. Women who like rock style will love such unusual accessories.

Small gloves hardly reaching wrists are made of Gucci. They are of different colors and types.

Gloves form our image and they make us unrepeatable and charming. So you should choose them very thoroughly without hassle.