Tips and tricks how to make distressed jeans

Ripped jeans are very popular now, though they are not a new fashion tendency at all. They have been on-trend since the 80s and all this time fashionistas add something new to this marvelous piece of clothes. All fashion lovers a fond of ripped jeans. You can see them on almost everyone, from various street style stars to celebrities like Kim Kardashian who wear torn-up denim almost everywhere.

Ripped jeans Kim Kardashian

Why do you have to distress denim by yourself?

That why we offer you to make ripped jeans yourself. Certainly, many retailers sell such denim, but the problem of already-distressed denim is that you can’t control the rips. But it’s very important because we all are different, that’s why the size, placement and the scope of the tears can differ. So try to do it yourself. Your pair of ripped jeans will be unique and it will be by your own hands and especially for your needs.

Several steps how to make ripped jeans.

  • Of course, the main thing is to pick out the pair of jeans for ripping. What to choose? Boyfriend or skinny and tight? Blue or white? Or, maybe, black? Mid-rise, low-rise, or high-waisted? It’s a difficult choice. The best pair is the one you don’t wear anymore and want to change something in it. Don’t do it with expensive new trendy pair. If you want to add some extra-worn, wash your jeans several times in very hot water, bleach a little and they are ready for transformation.
  • The next step is to gather all the materials which can help you to make the jeans of your dream. Prepare all you need: some sandpaper, pumice stone and steel wood. Also you will need little scissors, a box cutter and a small knife.
  • Add some marks to the chosen pair of jeans with the help of a chalk, pen or safety pin in those places where you want to make rips or distressed areas. If you want, you can use a ruler to make the rips cuter. It’s better to do at that time when you are standing.
  • To begin distressing put your jeans on the flat surface and begin rubbing the areas, you’ve marked before, with something solid like the pumice stone till the denim begin look worn. If you want to make distressed areas near the knee or the butt, out the sandpaper onto the floor then put your denim on it and slide on the paper.
  • After the preparatory work is done and your jeans become distressed take the knife or the scissor and start scraping the rips horizontally. Scrape till you see white threads on the denim. Then fray the threads with the help of tweezer. If you want to see the skin, cut the areas with the scissors.

 Don’t be afraid. Make experiments to be trendy and to look stylish. If you follow our tips and tricks you will be lucky. No pains, no gains. This pair of denim will be the best for you. Just try.

distressed jeans