Tips and tricks how to wear lightweight clothes now and later

There is a strange feeling now about putting on high booties, Fair isle prints and warm heavy pants now even if it’s rather cold outside. But we see that spring has come but unfortunately it’s not warm yet enough for wearing lightweight things. So we have prepared several tips and tricks how to combine our favourite summer things with other ones to make beautiful spring outfits and to look fresh and trendy. And we want to show you the ways how to pair these things now and a little later.

Crop tops

Trendy Crop tops

It’s such a fashion thing this season. All fashion designers have shown different crop tops in their collections. It’s such a top that you don’t have to tuck into your trousers or skirts.

Now you can wear crop tops with high-waisted jeans over different shirts with long sleeves. A bit later when the temperature becomes higher you can wear it with block heels and full skirts.

Various mini skirts

In winter women try wearing midi or long skirts in order to keep the body in the warm when the weather is cold and also in order to keep the control-top line of the tights in secret. But spring has come, the tights have gone away and it’s time to wear gorgeous skirts.

Now you can wear them with thin sweaters and high boots. Later try combining them with sneakers and cute graphic T-shirts.

White jeans

Certainly a pair of lightweight white jeans is a real piece of summer clothes. Now you can wear them together with leather jackets, pumps and various shirts. When the weather is hot combine them with bright tank tops and various sandals.

Casual shorts

They should be long enough and of silhouette style. They are perfect for such weather. You can wear the casual shorts with sweatshirts and various heels. Later they will look wonderful with bright shirts with short sleeves, stilettos and a leather belt with metallic details.

Summer flats

They are stylish and trendy. Now you can wear them with oversized pastel shirts and cropped jeans. In a few weeks when the temperature is high enough combinethe flats with T-shirt dresses and different cut-off shorts.

Slip trendy sundresses

This style is very simple and elegant at the same time. And it has comeback from 90s. This season you’ll see many dresses of this style because many brands like H&M and Zara offer them in their collections. Now you can wear such stylish dresses with universal jacket and high boots, later you can try wearing them almost barely anything. But shoes are obligatory, of course.


They are so comfortable. If you want to wear them now, combine the Birks with cropped trousers and nubby socks. In summer pair the Birkenstocks with short suits and various tunics.