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Trendy rompers

Warm days have come. Spring is a wonderful season. Lots of new fashion trends and tendencies appear every year. Fashionistas have already dressed bright bomber jackets, lightweight pants and printed overalls. One of the most popular trends of the warm season 2014 is a romper. But it’s not very easy to wear it to look stylish and fresh.

Different rompers

Difficulties in choosing a romper

This garment is like a tough nut for fashion lovers to crack. You have to choose the right piece for your figure shape and your style. For example, if you got on a romper which is made of too airy fabric it can look like pajamas. Some people choose too tight or too loose rompers and they look ridiculous. The right piece is somewhere in the middle of them. If your outfit is too revealing you will look like a child who wants to escape from traditions. What else? Sometimes it’s difficult to choose suitable accessories to the rompers especially if they have different patterns and prints.

Several ways of wearing rompers in spring and summer 2014

  • Choose floral prints

Warm season likes bright shades. And this year is not an exception. So look for the romper in floral prints to be trendy. You can pair it with light accessories to finish your look.

  • Look for long pieces

Certainly most people think that rompers have to be short and hardly reach the thighs. But there isn’t a strict rule. So in spring days when the weather is not very hot yet you should look for long rompers of neutral shades. Add bright accessories and you will look perfect.

  • Choose bright shades

Rompers are wonderful additions to the fashion wardrobes. This season look for pieces of pretty bright shades like coral, turquoise, cobalt or chartreuse.

  • Try geometric prints.

If you don’t like floral motifs it doesn’t like that your outfit shouldn’t have any prints at all. Go for subtle geometric prints, they look very fresh and awesome.

  • Look for contrast things

Spring and summer outfits look fantastic when they are in pastel palette with dark piping. Colour blocking is the trend of this season.

  • Rompers like LBD

What do we mean? That every woman should have a romper in her wardrobe just like a little black dress. And the second thing is neutral accessories around bright or black rompers.

  • Gorgeous look

Do you always wear flats with your rompers? Try to change your look a little. Finish your outfit with wonderful high heels. You can easily be on top from morning to night.

  • Hippy look

Rompers can easily return your mind to the world of hippies with their prints and cuts. It’s very trendy in spring and summer. You can add on-trend accessories like fringed handbag or various stilettos.

  • Casual look

Combine your favourite romper with a crossbody bag and a pair of casual flat sandals. You will look perfect for a walk round the town.

 Rompers are very trendy and stylish pieces of clothes. You can add different accessories, change the footwear or other garments to look fresh and stylish every day.

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