A fashion victim

A Fashion Victim Or A Stylish Lady?

Fashion and style are often opposed. They say fashion is changing while style stays with you as an inherent part of your image. Although nobody wants to be a fashion victim, most of us look through fashion magazines, related videos with recommendations from fashion stylists and fashion shows, because it’s not that we are afraid of looking old-fashioned, but… well, we’d rather not!

Fashion: To Follow Or Not To Follow?

If Hamlet was a woman, his vital question would be: “To follow or not to follow fashion?” We do want to look chic and fresh, collect complements and may be even turn heads occasionally, who doesn’t? At the same time, following constantly changing fashion trends may seem as some sort of a burden, meaning financially and in terms of time as well. Imagine that every season you look through all ready-to-wear collections, analyze trends, read fashion articles, plan your budget for new purchases etc. That’s quite time-absorbing, to say the least.

On the other hand, there are very talented trend reports out there on special fashion web sites which help us to sort out that fashion tangle of tendencies and trends. Looking through them, you can pick a couple of trends which will refresh your wardrobe for the coming season.

A stylish lady

How To Be In Trend?

Now you may think: “Oh, My God, there are so many trends every season, like new colors, cuts and designs, should I buy new things every spring and fall?” Of course not, because it’s a direct way towards becoming a fashion victim. Invest into quality basics of your wardrobe, such as a classic coat, a pencil skirt, a white shirt, dark blue jeans, a little dress (not necessarily black), a pair of heeled pumps, etc. Choose basic colors. These things are never out of fashion. Besides, they serve an excellent background for interesting trendy accessories which you can buy one by one every season. A pair of trendy shoes in combination with a white shirt, classic jeans and an eye-catching necklace would be a chic look for a night out, a date, meeting with friends or even a working day.

Luckily, designers do not limit us: there are so many diverse things that are trendy at the same time. For spring-summer 2014, for instance, you may wear skinnies and wide-leg pants. Both can be either high-waisted or hip-slung, full length or cropped. Choose according to your figure type and personal preferences and look stylish, fashionable and simply gorgeous!