Assymetrical hem

Asymmetrical hems have been very popular for several seasons. Created by Proenza Schouler’s iconic skirt, which was the mix of skort, shorts and skirt, have become oft-copied style. It doesn’t matter whether it’s street style or high fashion, lots of designers continue adding this element to their collections and creating various variants of pieces with asymmetrical hem.

Asymmetrical hem

Trendy skirts with asymmetrical hems

Certainly, such hem can make your piece fashionable and modern. It adds some youthful playful elements to the whole look. Also this style is very popular because of its versatility – such skirts can work in almost every situation and it will be a good addition to any wardrobe. There are some tips and tricks how to wear skirts with a curve hem this season to be fashionable and stylish.

Some pieces of advice how to wear garments with asymmetrical hems

Not only skirts can be with curvy hem, this year there are also many dresses which also have asymmetrical hems. We want to show you some ways how to use this wonderful detail.

  • Look for a pleated dress which has a mullet hem. In front you can see a short length which shows the legs and in the back the skirt is long and certainly the legs are hidden. Such dress is very universal and you can wear it almost for every event. Just don’t forget about stylish accessories and heels to make your look more elegant.
  • Try on a leather mullet skirt. When dressing it be sure that the peak is off center to make a creative styling. Put it on firmly ti one the sides. Such skirt will add some aggressive elements to your look.
  • If you don’t like such an angular hem, you can try more feminine variant of it. A soft dip in the skirts is a perfect silhouette to go for a date or a dinner with friends.
  • One of the modern tendencies is a structural skirt like Rodarte origami version. Wear it with a rumpled sweater to balance your outfit. Such top can soften strong bottom.
  • If you want to make an experiment, you can try a piece with asymmetrical hem with soft corners. For sure you will be surprised with the beauty of your look. Add stylish heels.
  • If you want to choose an everyday piece, try on Giovanna Battaglia’s black skirt. It is a beautiful elegant garment with a simple pleat. You can wear it from morning till night for any situation, just changing a top and adding stylish accessories.
  • You can create a trendy fashionable skirt by yourself. Take your favourite long skirt, cut some panels and slits, gather them accordingly. Add beautiful heels and have a great day.
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