Basic white top paired with beautiful pink skirt

Basic tees of neutral shades

Even if you are a street style fashionistas there are some laundry days when you have only a couple of clean things which are difficult combined with one another. And in this situation to dress for work or for going out can be a pain. But don’t worry. If you have a neutral T-shirt, you can create an ultra- chic look following our tips and tricks and pairing pieces of clothes in a right way.

Basic t-shirts

We have to say that the best things about the tees are the fact that the colour or shade is not very important. You should have some tees of neutral shades in your basic wardrobe. They can look great with almost any piece and all the outfits will be fresh and stylish. There are some ways how to pair your basic neutral tee to look stylish and fashionable.

Combine it with jeans and flannel shirt

A beautiful and clean white t-shirt can be a good base for a cool outfit in which trendy denim can be paired with an unbuttoned flannel shirt to make a cool and relaxed look. You can wear this ensemble when going to spend the weekend with your friends.

Pair your tee with patterned skinny jeans

If your top is just simple-looking to be combined with jeans, pair it with patterned skinnies. Just be sure that the patterns are not too screaming. Avoid neon or leopard prints.

Try on a stylish bright pencil skirt and tuck your tee in

You can create a very chic outfit pairing your black or white tee with a streamlined pencil skirt. Add some accessories for extra impact and you will look trendy at any event.

Pair your basic tee and luxe joggers

Wear your favourite joggers in cotton, linen or silk together with a comfortable t-shirt. This ensemble will be suitable for going out. If to add nude pumps, statement watch and a stylish blazer, you’ll be able to wear this outfit to the office.

Add fashionable accessories

Even if you have only a white basic tee, you can look fresh and trendy. Just add some beautiful accessories like drop earrings, a statement purse or killer stilettos. Be sure that all the accessories are not competing with one another.

Wear the basic tee with leather skirts or shorts

A white tee when being paired with a leather pencil skirt or black leather shorts looks gorgeous. Miranda Kerr shows it when combining her outfits. Try to avoid short length because it can be unsuitable for many events. In other cases such look is very chic and fashionable. Don’t forget about stylish accessories.

Wear your basic tee with a beautiful patterned skirt

Summer 2014 is the season of floral prints. If to combine a basic tee with a matching jacket and a feminine floral skirt we‘ll be able to see a gorgeous ensemble. You can wear it everywhere and you’ll catch eyes of everybody.

Make the whole look monochromatic

Try to create black or white monochromatic look. It will be perfect at some situations. Pair a white with a white pencil skirt or a black T-shirt with black pants or leather skinny jeans. To make the outfit work, add some bright accent like a thin belt or a bright lipstick.

You see that there are so many various ensembles can be done combining a basic tee with other pieces. Don’t be afraid of experiments. You will look stylish and fresh whatever happens.

An ensemble with a white T-shirt