Dresses are popular and necessary this season

Dresses are popular and necessary this season

It is impossible to imagine the woman’s wardrobe without any dresses. Through all human’s history, women always wear dresses all kinds of style, from different materials and with various decorations.

Dresses are symbol of femininity and beauty. Men prefer women in dresses than in trousers and it’s not surprising. This season dresses are very fashionable as usual.

Fashion trends in dresses: colour

  • Dresses with prints. Although flower print has been trendy for several seasons already, there are some special characteristics for prints this season. It is preferable to choose dresses with large prints and of contrast colors. Such tendency you can meet in collections of Tracy Reese, Lanvin and Barbara Tfank. It is quite interesting to see prints of crams and scorpions. Mara Hoffman presented tropical animals and birds’ prints on the bright pink fabric, PPQ presented abstract – geometrical compositions.
  • The fashionable color gamma is mixture pink, orange, purple and coral colors. Almost in each designers’ collection we can see these colors combination.
  • Combination of black and red is in a fashion. Many designers use this color combination in their models. Sometimes we can meet different flower prints or any abstract geometrical prints.
  • The novelty of the season is dresses with prints depicting Byzantine frescos. Usually they have images of Christian saints. Dolce & Gabbana offered this interesting theme in their dresses and it became very popular. Other designers tried to imitate mosaic elements and it was very brave step.
  • Violet is one of the most mainstream colors. This color is met in each designer’s collections and used in evening dresses, casual and business dresses. Violet can be color of different prints and it can be color of the whole material. Usually evening dresses are violet without any prints.Women in classic dresses

Fashion styles

  • Sheath dresses are popular again. But this season they are made more voluminous and fluffy. It is especially relevant to choose sheath dresses with balloon sleeves. Emanuel Ungaro presented collection of dresses with big balloon sleeves.
  • Cut away shoulders in dresses are very fashionable. Such models suit every woman. Christian Dior made dresses with cut away shoulders traditional.
  • In 2014 there is long model range of long dresses. Usually they are quite simple but some designers preferred to decorate such models.

Dresses are necessary and beautiful clothes. Dresses make women more attractive for men.