How to prepare your house for the summer of 2014

How to prepare your house for the summer of 2014

Thought the design trends are same for every season? Not at all! Fashion interiors also have their own seasonal differentiation. And what do designers suggest for this summer of 2014?

Colors of summer

The general color and pattern idea for this summer is the creation of visual illusions. Designers decided to play with the imagination and used patterns and prints, that create distortion of the space, everywhere they could. They mostly used two-colored schemes, and rather often they were incarnated through the black-and-white concept. The usage of graphics that are able of producing optical illusions was spotted at the Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris. Drawing-rooms, halls, aulas – they all had patterned or printed images on the walls, furniture and accessories.

Another popular theme are photorealistic prints. They are used mostly to decorate walls. Important point to understand, that overall background has to be neutral and solid, for such prints to have the proper decorating effect. They may feature people, animals, vies of nature or cities – whatever gets on your mind when entering a room you want to arrange.

Grey kitchen

What also have to be mentioned that greyscale pallets turned out to be popular within the kitchen design. This means that black and white contrasts aren’t in vogue anymore, when it comes to the kitchen stuff and furniture. The grey color that imitates concrete and slate is the one to be used everywhere. And it can be not only the imitation, but the real stone, concrete and slate furniture and settings.

The lines of summer design of 2014

Curvy lines are seen over all the furniture around, that designers suggest for the summer houses. It’s not like all the lines are soft and roundish. There are some straight geometrical decorations to be used around the house, but the sofa are to have remarkable curves. The unusual color schemes coincide with the general mid-century look of the furniture. All the couches seem to be chubby, but not bulky, so opt for furniture with flowing curvy lines, but its form has to be properly defined.

One of the popular ideas is putting a photorealistic image behind the curvy sofa. This is the set that many decoration designers seem to practice. And it works out well. The issue here is to match the colors and textures properly, without creating blatant image. To play with light and for the sake of wishy-washy effect top brass are used. The most popular views here are copper, silver and chrome.