Most popular colors and patterns of spring-summer seasons 2014

Most popular colors and patterns of spring/summer seasons 2014

There may have been time when patterns were out of fashion, but this spring they are definitely back again. Catwalks are overflowing with patterns and contrast colors. And it’s not only about floral motives, but the most unexpected and striking tracery. Combining colors is an art and in 2014 designers showed all their talent and inspiration on the spring shows.

Patterns were printed, drawn, stamped, embroidered. Woodblocks, die-cuts and typography – all of them were used. This variety of ways to create unique fabrics is truly attainment of the 21st century. It is also interesting, how designers blended the tints. Some used very intensive and bright contrasts, while others went for almost desaturated bleak colors, which, however, didn’t make the collections dull or plain.

Flowers everywhere

It’s useless to argue with the blossoming sights when it comes to spring collections. And 2014 is not an exception. Floral patterns took the most different and amusing shapes and forms. Hermes presented wild collection with the florals in jungle style, while Tory Burch went for more home-like garden flowers. As it was already mentioned, that artistic inspiration occupied the catwalks, so loads of flowers looked like drawn by hand, while others were seemed to be printed black-and-white.

Floral patterns

Floral patterns truly look very romantic and this was proved by Dolce and Gabbana, who got their inspiration from Ancient Greece. At the same time Michael Kors and Marc Jacobs used very minimalistic vectorized images, which looked sharp and crispy. They mostly used only two colors to make the contrast more remarkable.

Pure art

It’s obvious that many collections were inspired by pop-art as much as by the classic paintings. Almost Day-Glo colors were noticed in collections by Dolce and Gabbana, Celine, Alexander McQueen and Alice+Olivia. The clothes looked contrast, so accessories went to the background and stopped being the embellishment at the first place.

And classy stayed classy. Not only Chanel was inspired by the classic 19th century artistic brand Royal Talens (150 colors were used and matched in the patterns!). Also Prada presented the collection with the classic portraits. And even more, they actually gave credits to the artists who painted them, what is a rarity when it comes to using pieces of visual art. So, six names, who created the magnificent fabrics were openly mentioned and this can’t be more flattering to them.