Amusing disco style

Party hard, hard not to party!

Going to a party and had already run out of the ideas how to amuse everyone there? Well, there are few tips for you in this article on becoming a party star. Turn the lights out and get ready to shine!


This is classy. When being invited to a party be curious about what kind of light and effects are going to be using. Glowing clothes, footwear and accessories are always on the top of any disco party stuff. In case of ultraviolet you can just go for white t-shirt or jewelry and accessories. There is one issue, though, that you have to keep in mind… if you wear dark clothes to the party where ultraviolet is used, be aware that the leftovers of detergent in the fabric are going to shine bright. If you are not sure whether the clothes has the traces of the detergent, rinse it with the plain water.

There are also accessories that glow in the dark without ultraviolet. This is must-have for every clubber or party-goer! One of the trends of the spring/summer season of 2014 is the neon-glowing footwear. It may be heeled, may have wedges or even be flat – the Day-Glo colors are important. Go for it and match it with the jewelry.

Neon glowing make up

In the modern world make-up is an essential part of any look. As for the parties, make-up can be as bright and extravagant, as you may wish for – just follow your style. Glitter is alive classic, but you can go further and use the make-up that glows in the dark. It’s absolutely safe for you if you don’t use it too often. However, this is generally a slippery ground, as glowing make up sometimes looks too strange and even repelling.


There are some parties, that are sophisticated enough to make you puzzled with your look. Here is and advice for you – try something cool and retro. It wasn’t that long ago when parties where all a part of the underground culture and everyone tried to outcome each other in the strangeness of their style. Go for it and try to recreate some of the odd, but stylish looks of previous fashion epochs. Watch some music videos and movies to get the right idea of the disco style. It is one of the most funny, energetic and playful attires.

Another retro image is a stylish, exquisite woman in black and white dress, wearing a hoop and huge black glasses. You will be the sophisticated queen of the evening when being dressed in feminine retro style. Just remember that every attire has to have the right occasion. You don’t want to be the only lady in the ball dress at the party where everyone is wearing jeans and sneakers, don’t you?