Lace shorts

Shorts in summer 2014

Everyone can wear shorts, contrary to popular opinion. We don’t say about being a certain size, shape or height. Also we don’t say about choosing a certain trend or avoid it at all. We say about your own comfort, about the feeling when you are wearing shorts and about clothes that can be paired with them. Every year lots of various shorts style appear. There are some tips and tricks for you to remember when choosing the perfect shorts especially for you.

Various shorts styles

Choosing of the shape

This summer structured bell shape is on-trend. Do you feel comfy wearing such a pair of shorts? This type will fit lean and long stems. Also women with boyish torso can surely wear them without any shame. If you have shapely hips, you can also wear them but with extra room tops, in other words, not tight. Another thing that they can add extra fabric, which you don’t want. So, before buying think about these features and better try on before purchasing.

Various patterns

Patterns are very fashionable now. And, certainly, every woman can wear different patterns but you should think if you want to. If you like big and bright patterns on the little shorts, they will draw attention to them, to that part of your body. If you don’t want to show your hips, remember about it. They can make you look short-limbed even if you are not. Shorts with horizontal stripes can make you look wider, even if they are very beautiful and tiny.

Thread counts

Fabrics are very important. If you want to walk around the town at night a pair of dressy shorts is a perfect choice. Satin, lace and even leather are not suitable and can be a killer of your outfit. When the weather is hot choose breathable fabrics like linen or cotton to make your shorts more universal.

Dolphin hems

There are different styles of hems like frayed hems, cuffed hems and dolphin hems. So everyone can choose what he likes. Dolphin hemline is a little shorter at both sides. It is flattering and that’s why such shorts are more comfortable. If you don’t like tight shorts, try dolphin hem.

Elastic or banded?

These are different waist styles. Elastic one is more comfortable but it is also thicker if compared to banded waist. A perfect-fitting banded waist can also be comfy and it looks chic at the same time.

Long or short

What length of shorts do you prefer? It depends on many factors, mainly on the self-confidence. There are no special rules about the body shapes or the women age. If you like bare legs in summer, you can wear very short shorts. Fashionistas, who want to cover their legs, can wear Bermuda style. Be attentive, the longer shorts can make your legs seem shorter, even if you wear heels.

Dolphin shorts