Etro jersey in green

Spring and summer Etro jerseys for men

Styles and colors

Spring and summer are bright and sunny seasons. Everybody, including men, want to wear bright, multi-colored garments to greet the warm days. In 2014 such opportunity is possible with famous Italian brand Etro. They prepared a nice collection of unusual, stylish and super bright shirts and T-shirts for men. With this collection you will look trendy and have a sunny mood.

The shirts for upcoming spring and summer are made from cotton and protect you from the heat greatly. There are a lot of various patterns, prints and colors in these models.

Etro shirts have very interesting prints as pattern with Psychedelic mood or Paisley one. It is trendy for a shirt to have a multicolored patterns, but bold ( for example,lilac or green) collar and arm finish.

The brand designers use intensive colors, deep blue sky, red, green or the soft print colors with white neck and side paneling.

Etro’s T-shirts of the new collection are V-neck, also bright, also rich with Psychedelic patterns and prints. All the models are really impressive. Such T-shirts match perfectly with jeans or Bermuda shorts.

Etro jersey in purple

Interesting models

We invite you to have a look at some particular interesting shirts and T-shirts by Etro. You might meet spring and summer 2014 with them!

  • Be unusual and bright with a striking Paisley polo shirt! it is completed with a contrasting white collar and side panelling. This shirt could be successfully worn with a pair of fitted shorts or jeans.
  • A T-shirt of a pastel green color. It has a photo of cactus on it. Looks fresh, natural, and is an ideal top to meet holidays with. This model matches with bermuda shorts or classic jeans.
  • A polo shirt that combines psychedelic Paisley prints with a rich variety of colors. Here patterns play with a balance of texture and colour. Looking closely on this shirt one can see waves, flames, unusual flowers. The collar and cuffs are purple.
  • This polo shirt is designed in blue color scheme. Prevailing color is dark blue. The pattern is also bursting with Paisley motifs. Looks very noble and traditional. It is a holiday shirt for those who admire classics.
  • For the men with bright personality Etro launched this red shirt. It looks good with shorts and sandals, a sporty bag on the shoulder.
  • A romantic T-shirt , showing myriad of sunset hues. It gives your a holiday mood on the sea shore or even in summer city. Your image will be full if you add up stylish

mocassins or trained and dark shorts.

So, Etro has models for different tastes, all bright, unusual, bringing a holiday mood up.

Meet spring and summer 2014 with Etro!