summer essentials

Summer essentials

When the temperature rises up in summer people begin changing their clothes.  Sometimes it consists of a pair of cutoffs and various tanks. But summer time is full of wonderful events and inspirations. So, to look perfect and not dull for every occasion we want to define the season’s top essentials.

Mix and match swimwear

T-shirt dresses

You’ve never thought that such dresses you can wear somewhere except the house. Usually it was a home wear or sometimes even a sleepwear. But this summer many designers offer draping, darting and beautifully detailed T-shirt dresses that are also very comfortable and wearable.

Different team tees

What kind of sports do you prefer? Is your choice basketball, baseball, soccer or competitive eating? You can find a jersey top which will fit your taste.  It should be unadorned without any stuff.

Pleated skirts are the must-haves

If you don’t have one, it’s a good time to choose the best one. Try not be inspired by schoolgirl vibes and look for the skirt of some length. Combine it with fashionable cami, crop top or a stylish tee.

Denim vest

Certainly, this trend is not new but it is very popular in summer 2014. Look for cropped denim vests with embroidery and mix it with everything from beautiful sundresses to boyfriend jeans or leather joggers.

Cami sundresses

It’s so summery. You won’t feel summer mood till you don’t have such a dress in your closet. Look for the piece with thin straps and a thin skirt. To add girly elements accent the waist with a beautiful thin belt.

Shredded white jeans

Denim outfits are on-trendy this season. One of the most popular is the distressed white jeans. Slouchy and skinny, they all are suitable. To make them more fresh hem or cuff them right up your ankles.

Summer knitted pieces

Mother Nature has been very capricious this year and for sure you should have summer knits. They can be sweaters or knitted dresses. Choose a loose weave and a slouch shape. As for the prints they can be stripes or marls.

Bermuda shorts

They are very comfortable and can be worn with cozy tees to make a casual look. Also they can be paired with stylish crop tops and cage-heels boots to make an after-hours look.

Wide-legged trousers

This summer you will meet lots of variants of wide legs like gaucho-length, up to the floor or even cropped. To look stylish choose the garment in a stiff fabric.

The swimsuits which can be mixed and matched

It’s so pleasant to be able to combine your swimming suit like you create your own outfit. You’ll have fun mixing various prints, colors and genres. It’s also very economical because there will be more combinations of swimwear for the pool.

A crop top

One of the most trendy things of this season is a full-coverage crop top. It should hit the natural waistline to make you look stylish and elegant.

Various sport sandals

They don’t cost a lot but they are so trendy. There are also many high-fashion versions that are decorated with fringes, jewels and trimmings. So, it depends only of your wish and choice.

Essentials for summer