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Take a deep dive into the spring of 2014

You love fashion, but don’t feel like changing the whole wardrobe every season? That is understandable, as clothes may also be favorite or even memorable. Don’t worry about losing your style or becoming unfashionable, just follow these few tips about the trends of 2014 in spring fashion. They will help you enter the blossoming spring season with an easy heart and awesome look.

Blouses and shirts for the spring 2014

There is at item every woman should have in her spring wardrobe – a plain cotton shirt of pastel color. There are plenty of those in the shops and boutiques this year, so it would be easy to find one to the taste. Let the light and gentle pastel colors draw your attention. Daffodil, lavender, reseda – all of them are in vogue this season. To be honest, simple and feminine cotton shirts are in top almost every spring, you just have to accentuate them with the right color and accessories. Use the shirts and blouses both for casual and business attires and don’t avoid showing your beautiful neck by pulling the hair up.

Pink bag by Chanel

If you are fond of embellishments and gems, they are all good when used in the tailoring of the shirt itself. Embellished collars and straps are replacing the jewelry and bijouterie. However, shiny collars and such are no good when it comes to classy strict business style. Leave them for the casual and evening attires. Romantic and fragile lace is also used to give the shirts more sophisticated look.

Pay you attention to the cotton shirts and blouses by Chloe and Balenciaga, as they are experts both in these clothes and femininity. Few other designers may be of some help, such as Christopher Kane, Carven and Margiela.

Spring bags

Since the winter of 2014 brought us Olympic Games, the sporty trends are also coming to the spring. Accessories in bright, but somehow modest and functional sport style will be good for the upcoming season. If you opt for femininity and romantic style, then look for the bags in pastel colors. Remember about matching the colors properly with your cotton shirt!

Leather is one of the popular materials for the accessories of the spring 2014. Many designers were spotted using white leather for the middle-sized sport style bags. Knobs are almost absent, but long handles seem to be the most popular. This is very convenient for the casual attires, but doubtful would suit the business set. It’s better to go for classic purses when it comes to business and evening styles.