The kitchen design of 2014

The kitchen design of 2014

When it comes to the kitchen design the coexistence of functionality and extravaganza sometimes falls apart. This is the place in the house where the technology, design, usability and coziness al blend together. After all, this is the place, where we don’t only prepare our food, but also spend some time together with the family and friends. So it’s absolutely natural to wish for the most outstanding and fashionable look of the kitchen. The year 2014 is bringing some diversity to all the previous trends and ideas.

Greyscale and monotones

The most fashionable pallet for the kitchen design this year is greyscale and monotonous pastels. This is true both for the general background and furniture and for the details and accessories. The color of the concrete is one of the most popular for the kitchen this season, both as it’s texture. This may seem a little bit too street-like and lacking in cozy effect, but in fact it all depends on the contrast. Making one contrast wall, that would oppose the general style of the kitchen, concrete or slate alike will definitely bring vogue of 2014 in your apartment!

Matte grey kitchen

If you long for more light and gentle fancy of your house, then use the pastel and light colors. They are also in fashion this year. However, here you must keep a bit monotonous design without any outstanding color blends. If you feel that something is lacking and kitchen is becoming dull, you can add some contrast, actually. Just make it tastefully and remember, that the contrast color has to be one and only, now rainbow-like accessories and details are allowed.

Classy materials

Every citizen needs a rest from urban life, but not every single one of them can afford it. Whether it’s time or money issue, many people still feel squeezed by the temp and pressure of the modern city. So home becomes only place, where one can rest and hide from what depresses them. No wonder, designers suggest to cook and eat meals being surrounded by natural materials. To feel at ease and create more comfortable atmosphere, use timber in the kitchen design. It would be really wise to go for glass accessories, while having wooden background or furniture. The color of timber is better be more light, so that the pastel tones don’t look bleak when it all blended together.

Of course, flowers and any alive plants are good accessories for the kitchen. Should you have some useful plants or just enjoy aesthetically the blossoming, try to keep any of those away from the direct heat or draught. Green color is thought to be the most comfortable and relaxing for the eyes of a human, so take your time chilling and observing the beauty of the tiny nature in your kitchen.