Top 5 Trends Of Trousers Spring/Summer 2014

Top 5 Trends Of Trousers Spring/Summer 2014

Women have borrowed so many things from men’s wardrobe – jackets, pantsuits, footwear, even ties, but trousers always remain the most important item. No wonder, a modern lady can’t imagine her basics without a pair of well-fitting trousers. Some of us even refuse to wear skirts and dresses, substituting them with trousers and jeans. So, what kind of trousers are we going to wear through 2014?

Trends Of Trousers Spring/Summer 2014

  1. Cropped trousers. A theme of cropped wide-leg trousers have gone through the summer resort collections of many designers. This type of pants creates a relaxed and comfy look so tempting for summer wear.
  2. Wide-leg trousers with a high waistline. High-waisted pants always add so desirable inches to the length of female legs. Besides, they can hide a tummy and create an illusion of a perfect waist. Wide-leg trousers for spring and summer this year are slightly narrowed at ankles. These are very flattering for many figure types.
  3. Slim-fit trousers. Slim girls can happily afford another pair of slim-fit trousers with interesting prints or details for the coming summer, because these are trendy, showy and so sexy!
  4. See-through trousers. Designers surprise us with a rather provocative trend – transparent fabrics. Even trousers are going to be sheer in summer. So, you still have some time to consider if you dare to wear something like this.
  5. Baggy trousers. Baggy, oversized trousers, sitting on your hips are in trend. This tendency is perfect for tall girls who opt to wear clothes that offer a harmonious blend of style and comfort.
  6. Women in trendy summer trousers 2014

What To Pair Trendy Trousers With?

Your look will succeed if you know how to pair things. Trousers can create amazing and versatile looks when paired with different tops and footware. Besides usual t-shirts, blouses, shirts, blazers and jackets for spring – summer 2014 couturiers suggest that we pair trousers with gauzy skirts and dresses. See collections of Monique Lhuillier, Salvatore Ferragamo and Costume National for interesting looks of trousers with skirts. As for shoes, let it be trendy pointy flats, mules, open-toe summer booties or stylish ankle strap sandals. Your choice is limited only by your desire and the style of trousers you want to wear.

Luckily, fashion tendencies are so versatile that regardless of your height and figure type you can always buy a pair of trendy pants that will present your hips and legs in the best light. Be chic and stylish the coming spring and summer!