Girl's bedroom

Trends in children’s bedrooms

All the parents want to create a special atmosphere in rooms of kids. The design of rooms for children differs from adults’ rooms. All the items have joyful youth atmosphere: furniture, wallpaper, accessories. To have nice-looking and fashionable rooms for your little ones get acquainted with the latest decor trends.

Room styles

– Vintage room. If you are choosing this style of room for your child you are surely an admirer of classic style. And, as you know, classics is always in trend. Such room possesses traditional elements, handmade staff, and all the components together create a timeless and magical view.

Let’s have a look at the example of a vintage room: as designers advice, you can choose a couple of expensive high-quality items that will grow with the child, the rest ones can be a mixture of quality and inexpensive stuff. That’s a girl’s room. It has a big bed in the center. The bed is full-size for the child to grow into it; it looks very classic. The pillows with butterflies are gorgeous. The wallpaper shows a magnificent garden with bright birds on the tree branches. There are pink curtains girls really appreciate. The style is made stronger with a couple of vintage lamps and hand-made items.

–  There is a tendency to create kids’ rooms not in baby style but more like for teenagers or grown-ups. It goes not only for wallpaper but the room style at all. It doesn’t matter that the room lacks furniture, decorations or other items for kids. It just looks a bit more sophisticated than usual “kiddie” room.

– Playing up with colors can create an interesting space for kids. Trendy combination of white and bright colors is popular. The designers, suggesting this trend, note that children love color items, but a lot of them together is really overpowering. So, that’s an idea to have walls and furniture in children’s room white, and other objects of various colors. Bright items stand out on white background, and the room looks airy and light.

 Boy's bedroom

Trendy colors and items

Among the trendy items for kids’ rooms you may find gray stuff, multi-colored objects, interesting poufs and decorated ceilings.

– Gray is a trendy color for children’s rooms. Your kid’s room looks soft and modern. All the items can be made in this color: furniture, bedding, walls. It looks great with yellow, orange and pink.

  •  It is interesting, but design risks are in fashion now. It means that parents are not afraid to mix a lot of various colors in the kids’ rooms. Such room looks very bright, multi-color and child-friendly. Look at such room! It has wardrobe, red, green and purple chairs, blue walls and a great number if multi-colored small items as books, toys, decorations. What a fun!
  •  Poufs are especially in trend. They are gorgeous furniture items. Poufs brighten the rooms and can be used differently by kids. You can seat on them, display on them toys and other objects, play and balance on these soft thingies.
  •  Adult wallpaper. Well, it is actually for kids but doesn’t look too frilly. You can choose a number of various wallpaper patterns that kids will like now a nod later, when they grow up.
  •  You are invited to decorate not only the walls, floor and all the area of the room, but also the ceiling! Yes, with the help of this bright idea your kids might have a striped ceiling, or with any wallpaper to your and their taste.