Cat eyes makeup

Trendy makeup for the spring 2014

Your look is not complete without a trendy makeup. Spring is here, so hurry up to buy all that amusing makeup stuff you are going to need to be the fashion icon!

Radiant and glowing complexion is seen on the catwalks and in the fashion magazines every single spring. After all it’s a time of life and blossom, so looking fresh and glorious is obligatory. A little suntan that look more like a sun kiss would also be great for the upcoming season. Don’t make the face evenly shiny, though. Add more glow to the cheeks to look more romantic and joyful. Remember that spring is the time when nature wakes up, so avoid too brightly defined cheekbones or dark skin complexion.

Cherry lips

This year the spring season has very bright colors to offer for the lips makeup. And those aren’t the ordinary pink or red tones, but heavenly glowing orange. Opt for such definitions as tangerine, peach, salmon, ginger and chestnut. The texture is soft, watery and glowing, not the matte one, though it is possible as a modest business style variant. Spring is a season of the ablaze of colors, so brightness is allowed everywhere. Orange lipstick or lip gloss both require lip definer. It’s better to choose one of an absolutely matching color or a lighter one, cause the darker outline is absolutely forbidden with the orange lips. There are some must-have lip crayons all women should have – neutral like “cupid” tones or a bit sparkly light beige or pink colors. They go well with almost any lipstick or gloss and also can make lips look more plump.

Orange MAC lipstick

Seductive eyes

Cat eyes are all the vogue again! Well, they will never go out of fashion, probably. Cat eyes traditionally are introduced in black, however, dark grey or dark brown color may also be good. Anyway, the main issue is the liner, not the usual crayon to be used. Go for the saturated and resistant liners, don’t be shy it creating that mysterious and seductive oriental look.

Spring 2014 makeup collections seem to be a bit monochromatic in their palettes when it comes to the eyes makeup. In addition to black cat eyes white eye shadows and crayons are also very popular. The classic usage is making a little accent in the corner of the eye to give it more fresh, radiant look and to visually open in a bit wider. This is a good option to hide the traces of fatigue. Anyway, white color this spring is also a primary color for eyes makeup. There are white crayons, liners, eye shadows and sparkles that are widely used for special occasions looks.